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Zero Nicotine Vaping: Everything You Need to Know 

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Nicotine-free vaping has been a controversial topic, to say the least. On one side, manufacturers say everything you get at the vape bar is perfectly safe. The other side says nic-free vaping is still an experiment, and there’s no telling what the long-term effects will look like. However, it’s safe to say vaping was designed to help smokers stay away from tar and the carcinogenic stuff associated with cigarettes. 

How Does Vaping Compare to Cigarette Smoking? 

The CDC reports that smoking cigarettes cause severe health complications, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke. In fact, it is the number one cause of preventable deaths in the US. That’s part of the reason why the industry leaders invented vaping to offer smokers a less risky alternative. 

Essentially, e-cigarettes contain an e-juice that you can also call vape juice. And the chemical composition of this liquid depends on the brand and type of product you are looking at. But the general ingredients in vape are flavored water, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerine. All these ingredients are safe for human consumption, but there’s little research done on the long-term effects of vaping them. 

Why Is Nic-Free Vaping Better Than Smoking? 

It Leaves No Room for Addition 

If you look closer at the ingredients of an e-juice, you’ll realize nicotine is the only addictive substance on there. The other components excite the nervous system, resulting in a mild craving. So, removing nicotine from the vape makes the entire thing non-addictive. Still, the regulations dictate that any vape products should have a potentially addictive label on them. So you might see this warning on a nicotine-free vape during your adventures. 

No-Nicotine E-Liquids are Not Toxic 

Here’s the thing: 

Nicotine is a natural insect repellent found in the tobacco plant. This natural chemical creates a bad feeling for the insects, which is its defense mechanism against them. If you smoke it, the chemical increases your pulse reduces your sense of smell and makes your brain release the feel-good hormones. 

Now remove nicotine from your vape, and you’ll have a flat result – no increased heart rate or anything else. But you get to look cool and join a community of no nicotine vapors, some of whom have never tried nicotine.

Better Flavours 

Are you tired of the old cigarette flavor? You should try flavored vape. The intensity of additives is more apparent when the e-liquid does not contain nicotine. That’s because nicotine has a punchy effect on the throat. 

With nicotine-free vape, you get the chance to concentrate on the flavor without the scratchy feeling in your throat. And, there are lots of options to choose from, including apple, vanilla, watermelon, cherry, and more. 

Test Negative on Nicotine Tests 

In a recent trend, some firms decided to avoid smokers in their workforce. So they require all employees to take a nicotine test before joining their teams. And they don’t care where you got it from. You’re disqualified the minute you test positive. 

As much as this might sound invasive, the companies argue that a nicotine-free policy gets them attractive insurance premiums, increased productivity, and better health safety for everyone. That means you have to stay away from nicotine at all costs to keep the job. And that’s where nic-free vape comes in. 

Best for Blowing Clouds 

Smoke rings might be old tricks, but they can be fun if you get creative enough. And nicotine-free vape is one of the best ways to practice safely. That’s because there is no limit to how much you can inhale in one sitting, making it perfect for the task. 

People use this stuff in music videos and Instagram stories, pretending to pull crazy feats with cigars. That’s because it will not impact their judgment, and the density of smoke that comes from these things is picture-worthy. 

It Can Help You Avoid Empty Calories 

Some users insist that nic-free vaping keeps their minds off sugary snacks and fast foods. The idea is to choose a flavor that excites your taste buds, then use it long enough to satisfy your cravings. Ask any person with diabetes, and they’ll tell you vape flavors are godsent. 

Nic-free Vape Is Usually Discounted 

The vape shop knows nic-free vapes are not addictive, so people do not need to spend too much money on them. So they make sure the price-point is attractive to a broader audience. Combine that with the safety of nic-free vape, and you’ll see why the industry is expected to grow sixfold in the next eight years.

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