ZBoard The Next Level For The Skateboard


One of the dreams of nerds and pretty much everyone else that’s into the tech world is for someone to create the beloved hover board. I’m not talking about the self-balancing machine with two wheels that everyone on YouTube seems to be falling off of. I’m talking about the hoverboard in Back to the Future; the one that floats and rides just like a skateboard but through mid-air.

The Boosted Skateboard

While the “Back to the Future hoverboard technology may be a couple years ahead, the folks at ZBoard have attempted to soothe that hunger with the ZBoard. They have tried to erase one of the biggest problems with riding a skateboard: having to push it. Now you may be wondering “What do you mean? Isn’t that the whole point of riding a skateboard?”. Yes, it is, but we’re in 2016 and people, basically, don’t want or need to walk anymore. We’re just one more step away from becoming the humans in WALL-E.

The ZBoard is something called a ‘boosted board’. The battery-powered skateboard allows you to ride it without having to push/pedal it. It is ridden the same way as a regular skateboard except for the pushing part of the experience.

At the moment, ZBoard released their second pair of electric skateboards: the ZBoard  2 Blue and the ZBoard 2 Pearl. Both boards run on a 1000W Brushless Outrunner motor with integrated headlights and taillights, dual handles, a battery level indicator, and regenerative braking. The weight-sensing boards work in a pretty simple way: you lean forward to go and lean back to stop. They both have top speeds of 20mph. The 2 Blue runs for around 16 miles with a 3.5 hour recharge time while the 2 Pearl runs for around 24 miles with a 4.5 hour recharge time. They are both 38 inches long, 9.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches tall.

The ZBoard 2 Blue comes in a Canadian Maple colored deck with 90mm Blue wheels. It weighs around 17 pounds and stores nearly the same specs as its big brother. The ZBoard 2 Pearl comes in a Rosewood colored deck at 19 pounds, being slightly heavier than the Blue considering the weight of the deck and the battery.

The ZBoard 2 Blue sells for $1299 and the 2 Pearl sells for $1499. Check out for more information and be sure to subscribe to their email list for special offers, contests, and more.

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