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Your Pill

Never Forget Your Pill Again

In our hectic lives, women are often working crazy hours that frequently end with them forgetting to complete vital tasks such as eating and taking their pill, which in the long run could harm them.

Birth control pills are one of the most commonly used methods of contraception with 38% of women using it. In order for it to be effective, birth control pills need to be taken according to the directions. All birth control pills need to be taken at the same time every day, ±1 hour, for a 99.7% protection level. Most pill brands have a 7 day break, when no pills are taken, or there are sugar (placebo) pills that have no active hormonal substance. Combined pills (progestin + ethinyl estradiol) allow a window of up to 12 hours, but the progestin only pill (POP) requires to be taken within 3 hours of the same time every day, or it is considered to be a missed pill.

Many times remembering these schedules is difficult and you need a daily reminder to take your pill; something along the lines of an alarm which is specified just for this purpose. We are going to look at two apps, available in the App Store that do just that. 


your pillThe PILL from the French developer, Stéphane QUERAUD from sovapps works as a daily reminder for you to take your pill. It sends you alerts over the internet through Wi-Fi and 3G. This application shows you the whole monthly chart from when you started taking your pill and at what time, so if you have to take your pill at the exact time the next day, you can enable the alert at that time. A monthly chart regarding the usage is also shown. To make sure that only you get to see the alerts, it is password protected to ensure privacy and discretion.

On days when you’re on your period, The PILL app calculates the 7 day stop period and alerts you for the next 21 days. If you have a 28 day package, then the app sends alerts and notifications every day.

Since this app is compatible with the Apple Watch, you can now receive glance notifications on the watch without checking your phone! It even provides a timer telling you when it’s time for the next pill or how many hours are left till the next pill.

Additional features include the option to receive alert notifications either by email or by a text message. If you are highly forgetful you can set both of these options. For ladies who are extremely busy and often forget when they have been alerted, they can choose to have more than one alert sent to them.

You can personalize the app by choosing background colors and the alert tone of your choice. You can choose an alert tone that is similar to your text tone or you can choose from a wide array of available tones.

In order to receive notifications, you must “Allow Notifications” for the app in Settings and be connected to the internet as well. The only drawback to this app is the developer’s caution that “Wi-Fi connections may cause difficulties with notifications especially if the iPhone is in sleep mode, it is recommended to stay connected with 3G. The Pill also works in times of no internet but you need to let the application run to hear the alarm.”


your pillmyPill®, from the developers at Ltd. appears to be more prominent in the App Store and is similar in that it also reminds you when to take your pill. It currently does not have “glance” for the Apple Watch, but all reminders are automatically sent to the Apple Watch, so the user can mark a pill as “Taken” from her watch.

myPill® reminds you to use your contraception at the desired time every day, stopping reminders automatically on the seven days of your period and rescheduling automatically when the next pack starts. It displays high resolution realistic pill pack graphics and also provides a monthly view of your pills.

You can use it to plan your schedule a half year forward by swiping your finger over a pack to see the next pack dates – this way you can easily tell when your period starts and plan trips and events accordingly.

Use the built-in notes taker to write down questions you wish to ask your doctor or gynecologist and view past events by using the History tab.

Additional unique features in myPill® include:

  • The Protection Status screen, knows exactly when the user has taken the pill, so it calculates if the user is protected or not.
  • Automatic snooze reminder that does not require responding to the original reminder, so if she takes a shower and doesn’t hear the alarm, it will automatically remind again later.
  • A very supportive community in the forum tab—it’s a safe place for asking anything related to your birth control.
  • PLANNER. Reminds you to buy new packs, call the doctor, schedule yearly checkups, stores your prescription, or anything.
  • HISTORY. Take notes, track symptoms. Your doctor will love you.
  • PREDICTION. Plan your vacation according to your period, makes it easy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Important note – myPill does not require an internet connection to work. It uses Local Notifications for daily reminders (+snooze reminders).

These Apps surely provide an effective means to remind the ladies to take their contraceptive measures.

Visit the developer websites for more information on these apps.  



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