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Digital Photo

The Good Old Days

Remember the good old days, before everything went digital? Our photos were taken on actual cameras, not phones. We went to one-hour photo shops to have our pictures developed and then we took actual prints home and lovingly positioned them in photo albums.

Although this nostalgic feeling is still very much alive for those of us who lived through the ‘actual photo’ era, we also know that many of our albums are now wearing at the binders and the glue that once held our images to the pages is no longer doing its job.

The Digital Photo Age

For this reason, we may be happy to embrace the digital photo age. But the truth is, photo storage can still be a problem. Our many images end up taking valuable storage space on our phones and in our computers or are scattered among various social media sites. So what are we to do?


Yogile provides a great solution to all your photo storage problems. The platform is easy to use, unlimited, secure photo storage. Simply sign up for an account and upload your photos. They use Amazon S3 storage services which secures your photos in the cloud. For added safety, photos also receive a second backup in Backblaze B2. This second security measure ensures that photos can be restored after they are deleted.

What sets Yogile apart from other storage sites is its ease of use. Once you have an account, friends and family will be able to access it to upload images, even if they don’t have a Yogile account. Yogile also provides the means for their users to organize their photos into folders making them easy to find. Their great editing and retouching tools can really make your memories stand out.

The Yogile web-based app allows you the flexibility to access your digital photos from anywhere, using any device. You can share photos from anywhere on the web in one easy step.

The Yogile company is an independent company based out of Amsterdam. They have been providing great customer service to their customers for over 8 years. With this proven track record, you can rest assured that Yogile is not going anywhere, and neither are your photos!


But the best thing about Yogile is their competitive and honest pricing. Customers can enjoy Yogile’s upgraded, dependable service for just $44.99 a year.

There is no doubt that digital is the way of the future. If you are struggling to keep track of your digital photos, Yogile has an easy, affordable, reliable solution. Visit their website to learn more about their services and find out how they can help you store your photos safely and conveniently.


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