Yahoo Mail Introduces Caller ID and Photo Upload Features

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is probably becoming one of the most used webmail portals developed by Yahoo Inc. Yahoo has faced a horrible downfall in the last few months, but they are still fighting like a pro to get its position back as the most visited and used site all over the world.

The breach

The breach issue that affected millions of Yahoo accounts has almost ruined the faith of its users as well as the trust of its would-be buyer “Verizon”. Yahoo mail is still in second place after Gmail. But Yahoo has made an ample number of improvements in its services to regain the prestige that it lost. Launching features like “Yahoo security key” and “updated android Yahoo mail app” are the steps toward the rectification of its mistakes that have dragged its position to a state of misery.

New Features

Currently, Yahoo has added two more new features to its Yahoo app this passed Tuesday. Now, users can easily determine a caller from their contact list and also access their mobile camera roll on their desktop. It will also serve as automatic photo sharing service. Managing mobile docs by using Yahoo mail was complicated until these features come into existence.

The latest feature named Caller ID will identify who is calling to you if you don’t have their number saved in your Mobile by using contact details from the caller mails. Yahoo will save the details of the contact from the call history. Say Goodbye to those mysterious calls and get details of caller every time you receive a call.

The best thing about the Caller ID feature is that now Yahoo will automatically update the name of the contacts that appears on the Caller ID. This is a pretty smart move by Yahoo. Yahoo has taken the data breach issues that troubled and cause loss to billions of users seriously. Now no need to bother when to see an unknown caller calling, you don’t even need to waste your time guessing. Who can it be? The detection is done on the basis of their email account details and it automatically syncs with the existing contacts on your device.

To use this feature you need to configure your settings

  • Sign in to Yahoo mail account
  • You need to go to the Setting option.
  • Then press Phone > Call blocking & identification.
  • Turn on the switch for Yahoo Mail.
  • Click on the “Save” button to save the settings.

These steps will definitely help you configure the Caller ID feature in your device.

Yahoo Photo Upload Feature

The second feature which Yahoo has added is very helpful to sync your device’s images to your account. Now, you can easily access camera roll on your desktop. This feature is one of the most interesting features of Yahoo. This feature will automatically integrate your Yahoo with “Tripod’. If you are thinking “What is Tripod?”. Tripod is basically a feature that enables you to share pictures and videos. “Tripod” was created by Flickr, a product of Yahoo itself. The best part of this feature is that it becomes easy to share images or videos via email that you have on your desktop or phone and you can secretly open your desktop or mobile images with your Yahoo mail id. To take advantage of the new feature you need to be sure that you are using the latest version of the app.

This effort of Yahoo has removed all the barriers to photo sharing and makes it more effortless. This feature has a new gift for all users. Now you can even search images by typing in the sidebar and it will automatically fetch the images and videos from your device.


One more thing that you will love, that these features have high standards of privacy as well. These images and videos will only be visible to those people whom you want to show or send. So users can rely on these features without giving it a second thought.

To enable this feature you need to follow these steps

  • First, you need to go to the Setting option.
  • Click on the Photo upload option.
  • Then you need to switch on the Photo upload option to enable this.
  • Click on save button to save the settings.

By performing these steps you’ll easily sync your photos to your Yahoo account. These images are only seen by you and the people you want to share them with. Moreover, you can delete any images from Yahoo mail without affecting your camera roll.

Yahoo inbox

As our inbox has become a reflection of our lives, now you can use the Yahoo inbox in a more effective manner. These features are quite amazing. Yahoo has proved its worth with these captivating features. Yahoo has removed all the boundaries, you can even login to the Yahoo mail app with other popular webmail service providers.


These cool features should quite the voices of all anti-Yahoo elements. The latest two features are going to make your experience with your inbox far better. It may also help to improve its position in the market.

Both features are the creation of a clever mind that completely understands the needs of users. Save time and effort.

These new updates are available for both Apple and Android users. You just need to update the Yahoo mail app on your device. Available in the App Store (iOS 4.13 and up) and Google Play (Android 5.13).

Yahoo has great hope for these latest features and wants its users to enjoy their benefits on a global level. Yahoo wants genuine reviews from its users to help make their experience with Yahoo better and better. The Yahoo help page is full of reviews and doubts of these latest features and Yahoo is providing useful information for all their queries on the regular basis. Get the best out of it and make your emailing easier.

Angela George is a passionate author who is knowledgeable about Social Media features and its implementation. Her writing can help users to resolve any kind of Social Media problem without delay.
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