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WWDC 16 Rumors

WWDC 16 Rumors

Apple has recently updated it’s WWDC application with a new kind of look for the fourth generation Apple TV. The new update will also allow live streaming on the iOS devices as well as Apple TV.

Other WWDC 16 Rumors

WWDC 16 Rumors and other news predictions are also being shared regarding the highly anticipated event. Mark Gurman, formerly of 9 to 5 mac, has also made certain predictions regarding the event. According to him, the WWDC event will focus solely on software. The focus will especially shift to OS X, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Rene Ritchie also previously reported that Apple will not be focusing on new hardware or on the Thunderbolt Display at WWDC on 13 June.

Mark Gurman also said that he believes that the iOS devices will be refreshed and the icons will be tweaked a little. He stated that these changes, though not very major, will nevertheless be highly noticeable.

The Photos app will also see certain changes. Mr. Gurman believes that this feature will be very similar to the Markup feature in the Mail app. Through the newly introduced feature photos can be edited and annotated through the addition of captions as well as arrows, among other things.

Gurman also believes that Apple Music will be redesigned at WWDC 2016. The new and refreshed Apple Music will make ample usage of dark colors. This will make it similar to the Spotify app. Siri will also be coming to Macs at WWDC 2016. There will reportedly be a Siri icon on the Menu Bar and Mac users will be able to use this feature hands-free.

Gurman also believes that Apple will very soon make it possible to send money via the iMessage app. He also believes that Apple Pay will be in the fore front at this WWDC 2016 keynote. As far as software refreshes are concerned, Gurman believes that Apple will announce better encryption for iOS devices and new features will be added to the iOS Lock screen.

Mr. Gurman has always published highly accurate rumors however, it remains to be seen whether Mr. Gurman is going to be right on the money or not.

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