Working With a Shelter Company in Mexico: The Benefits

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There are so many procedures that must be implemented during the early days of starting your own business, not to mention the regulatory and cultural influences that affect operating a company in another country. However, this is where Mexico provides upcoming or expanding businesses and entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to make this process less complicated, the shelter service model.

How can Tacna shelter services benefit succeeding companies in Mexico?

Tacna shelter services are worth investing in if you are considering this type of business model for your agency. This company assists companies succeeding in Mexico by acting as both employer and manufacturer, taking care of the financial and regulatory burdens on behalf of manufacturers that are trading within the Mexican borders.

What’s the Upside of working with a shelter manufacturing company in Mexico?

Shelter service providers can assist companies with navigating the Mexican start-up headaches like IMMEX registration and making sure regulatory compliance is met. However, there are other benefits associated with such a service:

Quicker start-up process

Shelter agencies already have IMMEX certification. Therefore, foreign agencies can enter Mexico as a sub-division of the shelter company, lessening the time spent awaiting the necessary permits. Based on the years of experience in assisting manufacturers to set up their business operations in Mexico, means that companies can begin the production process much faster as opposed to not making use of shelter services.

Saving on costs

Foreign companies that choose to invest in a shelter services provider to establish their manufacturing business are eligible for incentives from Mexico’s income and value-added tax authority. These incentives include:

  • Emancipation of having a permanent establishment grade in Mexico.
  • Companies might enjoy lower operational costs. By offering the same services to various manufacturers, the shelter service provider generates economies of scale that can assist them with reducing the cost of certain procedures.

Less exposure

Since shelter service providers act as manufacturers and employers of record in Mexico, the risk is less or manufacturing entities. A shelter provider that is experienced can manage internal risk through handling the accounting, HR, and administrative responsibilities.

Overall compliance

The legal structure of this manufacturing model removes most of the risk for foreign manufacturing companies operating in Mexico. Expert providers make sure that manufacturing companies adhere to laws with regards to employment and labor, environmental impact, trade, social security, tax, immigration, and so forth. Not following all the steps, for instance, forgetting to register workers for social security and insurance, can lead to substantial penalties, some as high as $18 00 USD.

Superior employee retention

With comprehension into the local labor, the industry can benefit the manufacturing agency and give it the advantage of hiring skilled laborers and lessening turnover. An understanding of the average wage expected bonuses in specific regions, and types of benefits, can assist with lowering staff renewal frequencies.

Advanced productivity

When manufacturing companies can trust the Mexican shelter service provider with recruiting a skilled workforce and assistance with managing their start-up details, the company itself can emphasize exclusively on the operational side of their business to boost productivity.

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