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Workflow: Reverse Image Search From Share Menu On iOS 8

reverse image search workflow results

We are having a lot of fun with Workflow for iOS! Case in point, reverse image search doesn’t work as ubiquitously in iOS 8 as one would want. Voila! There’s a workflow for that. Check out the reverse image search workflow after the bump.

reverse image search workflow

Google’s Reverse Image Search feature has awesome value for anyone who regularly peruses images at work, and also comes in handy when you are just regularly using the web. The basic objective of searching for images in reverse – i.e. by giving an image as input to find other similar images – is to find the source of the image, or find alternative versions of it.

I personally use reverse image search for finding higher resolution versions of an image, for confirming the authenticity of images (people do sometimes wrongly claim they took a photo, after all), and for generally curing that itch you get when you want to know more about an image.

reverse image search faisal mosque

It isn’t so easy to perform reverse image searches on iOS. I checked both the official Google app, and website; neither allowed reverse image searches.

Thankfully, there is a reverse image search workflow that anyone can use. This workflow allows you to perform reverse image search of any image you find in any iOS 8 app that uses Share Sheets, using Google’s best-in-class reverse image search algorithm.

To use said reverse image search workflow, you need to first purchase and download Workflow. You can find the download link in Step 1 of our article on how to download YouTube videos. Then, using Safari, head on over to this shared workflow, and tap on ‘Get Workflow’ to add it to your Workflow app.

reverse image search workflow results

Now, whenever you come across any image in Safari. Tap and hold to open it in a separate tab. Then tap on Share > Run Workflow* > Reverse Image Search to execute the reverse image search workflow! It did not work for us the first time since we had to give permission to Workflow to use our Dropbox account, but it worked just fine when we ran it the second, and successive times.

Of course, this reverse image search workflow also works in any other app (besides Safari) as long as it allows you to open the Share sheet  – like the one you saw in Safari – for images. A good example of this is the stock Photos app!

Credits to u/xXaoSs for the original workflow. I edited it to replace with for reverse image searches.

*Run Workflow might be under Share > More if you haven’t enabled it beforehand.

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