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Workflow For Apple Watch Lets You Do More From Your Wrist

Most of you must be familiar with the popular app on iOS which is Workflow. In an update today Workflow will now be able to support Apple Watch. Workflow is used to automate tasks on iPhones and iPads and users will now be able to automate over 200 tasks on the Apple Watch using Workflow for Apple Watch.

Workflow for Apple Watch 1

Users are able to create actions as well as connect apps to achieve a lot of tasks on their iPads and iPhones using Workflow. For example, you could download Facebook videos using Workflow or download YouTube videos to camera roll. A number of actions can be automated. Having Workflow for Apple Watch open up another dimension in the personal computing game. As the Apple Watch is a small wearable device which is limited by its small size having Workflow will mean that now hundreds of actions maybe performed using the Watch without adding more buttons, gestures, apps or making any change in hardware.

Workflow for Apple Watch

A Workflow Gallery comes with the iOS version of the app which enables users to access actions which are very useful and well liked. Having the same on the Workflow for Apple Watch will give immediate access to many ‘stored’ workflows.

Workflows are executed from the Workflow Glance. ‘Glances’ are accessed by swiping up on the Watch and using apps from there on the Watch is akin to using apps on iOS from the Notification Center. Glances are a feature in the Apple Watch that provide quick, condensed information.

Workflow for Apple Watch 2

In the Glance view of the Workflow app you can see different workflows and they can be selected by tapping on them. Scrolling through Workflows also may be sped up by knocking the Watch with the iPhone gently. This shifts the scrolling to the next available workflow in the list.

Users will be able to view the Workflows from their iPhones on their Apple Watches. Using Worflows that require other apps cannot be run from the Apple Watch and would have to be run from the iPhone. There are not many actions that cannot be run from Workflow for Apple Watch but still it may be a little inconvenient to have to shift to your phone to run some workflows. You can get Workflow for Apple Watch by updating your iOS Workflow app.

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