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Workflow: Download YouTube Videos To iOS Camera Roll Without Jailbreak

youtube with or without you

We just discovered Workflow while looking for a way to download YouTube videos. As it turns out, there’s a way to do it on your iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking with a simple download YouTube videos workflow. Check it out after the bump.

youtube with or without you

Workflow is a recently released automation app. An automation app for iOS? It sounds a lot like IFTTT (If This Then That), but in reality it is many times more powerful! It allows automation enthusiasts to create much more involved workflows.

As such, Workflow can make much more powerful workflows which for actions like making  animated GIFs from burst camera photos, adding app icons on home screen that call a specific person, download all images from a web, and – in context of this article – download YouTube videos to iOS Camera Roll. It works on both iPhone and iPad!

It takes a little setting up, but once it is ready you will only need two taps to download any YouTube video to your Camera Roll.

Important Note: Do not be scared by the number of steps. Once set up, you only need Steps 7 and 8 to execute this download YouTube videos workflow.

  1. Purchase Workflow for iOS [App Store]
  2. Launch Workflow once it has been downloaded
  3. Open up Safari, and head over here [Workflow website].
  4. Tap on ‘Get Workflow’ to download the workflow to your Workflow app on iOS
  5. Using Safari, go to, search and open the video you want to download
  6. Add ‘Run Workflow’ Safari action extension to your Safari share sheet. You can do it from Share button > Moredownload youtube videos workflow 
  7. Once you’ve added it, tap on Share button again and then ‘Run Workflow’
  8. Select ‘Download YouTube’
  9. Workflow will now download the YouTube video. Once downloaded, it will show you a preview of it. You can tap on ‘Save Video’ to save the downloaded YouTube to your iPhone or iPad camera youtube videos workflow preview

That’s it! Open up the Photos app to see the results of the download YouTube videos workflow. You can now share the video just like any other video in your Camera Roll.

We will be sharing more interesting workflows as we come across them.

Note: The images show YouTube to Mp3 workflow. That workflow did not work as expected, but the download YouTube videos workflow did, but we did not take screenshots for it. Don’t be confused by the screenshots!

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