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Worker’s Compensation Claims: 7 Basic Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Construction Workers

If you look at the injury data in the workplace, you will be surprised to find that almost 2.8 million workers are getting injured every year.

Whether it’s a workplace fault or the person’s lack of concentration, or the company’s fault, we need to focus on these issues and take some actions to address them. 

If you are a worker in any place, you know how hectic it is to earn money. Especially people who are working in construction places are at great risk of working injury. 

Well, what you have lost, you cannot get back, injury is a loss, and that cannot cover up with anything else. But practically, if you are injured, and your financial condition is not good, then you have to seek justice to get enough compensation.

So, the only solution here is to go for the particular legal steps that you can take to get enough compensation.

Well, can you do that on your own?

No, it’s not possible, and it is not your duty to do that. What you can do best is hire a professional attorney who is experienced in this field. 

An experienced attorney may be your savior in this case. 

Questions To Ask Your Lawyer

Top 5 workers’ compensation claims can help you to understand how you can get injured and how it will help you to get rid of the situation. 

Before you go to the lawyer, it’s better to understand the worst form of situations that you may face, which forces you to go to a worker’s compensation attorney. 

Well, a lawyer’s work is to give you justice by hook or by crook. 

Here we have found some amazing questions that you can ask your lawyer if you have doubts about the case and also about the lawyer. 

If you remain silent, your lawyer might take your case lightly, and in some cases, you might not understand the difference between a professional lawyer and a lawyer who is just doing your job to get the money. 

Let’s seek prominent questions that you may seek answers to from your lawyer. Getting answers to such questions might help you to understand what type of lawyer you are going to hire and what is your case condition and what are the probabilities of winning the compensation.  

What Experience Do You Have In Handling Workers’ Compensation?

This particular question might seem like you are taking an interview with your lawyer. Whatever it seems, it will help you to know and understand the actual capability of your lawyer.

This is a basic question that gives you many answers at the same time. The attitude of your lawyer while answering this question will tell you a lot about the person in particular. 

Well, it’s time to know your lawyer and just dig into it with confidence. Try to cross-question the lawyer about their experience in compensation cases. You might also wish to know the best story or case of the person. 

If you see the person giving you an example of a worker’s compensation case, then you are at the right place. 

Have You Represented Someone Before With A Similar Case To Mine?

This question comes just after you have asked the previous question. This is still the interview-type typical question, but it will let you understand the winning chances of your case. 

It is a confidence gainer. Do not forget to ask this question to the attorney. 

If you are feeling sick with the unnecessary conversations or the story that your lawyer is trying to convince with, this question might lead your conversation on track. 

How Much Do You Charge?

No matter how firmly you need workers’ compensation, you will always consider the cost of a lawyer in it first. 

So, just ask this question. It is a direct question to know the intention of the lawyer. It is also a prominent solution to calculate your finances before you hire an attorney. This is where you will get to know the particulate salary the lawyer takes for his cases. 

Moreover, you will understand if the lawyer takes money if they lose the case. 

How Long Will The Case Go On?

The more your case goes on, the more you will get upset. 


Because you need immediate money, and you can’t ask the hospital to wait for the case to get resolved. You have to pay the money for healthcare, and there is no other way to do it. 

So, ask the lawyer to understand the case situation and know the particular instances that you might face and how time-consuming the case situations are. 

What If The Accident Was My Fault?

This is a tricky question. If your lawyer is efficient enough to deal with any worker’s compensation case, he or she will answer it diplomatically. But if your lawyer directly says no to your case, you are getting an answer to the capabilities of your lawyer. 

Find the prominent yes or no answers here. Both yes and no are not correct for our situation because if it is your fault, then you are not in a position to get the compensation, and that needs a cool head to deal with. 

What Benefits Do I Get?

A worker’s compensation benefits may include various rewards. However, its compensation is not just about the money that you will get. You might get insurance, further alert the company or the person who is responsible, and you might get good treatment apart from the compensation part. 

All these points depend on the case you are facing. So, ask your lawyer to know about it. 

Will My Case Go To A Hearing?

Most of the time, yes, if you have a genuine question. But it again depends on various things. 

  • Your lawyer’s capability to drag the case to the courtroom. 
  • The genuineness of the case.
  • The strength of the opposition. 

No matter what you are going to face, it is a prominent solution to understand your case dependency and depth. So, simply ask these questions and be confident about your case. Your lawyer is the savior, and thus you need to make sure that your savior is strong enough to claim your compensation. 

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