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WordPress Development: What’s On Trend in 2021?

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Out of all content management systems functioning all over the world, WordPress is an indisputable leader in terms of web development. It is utilized for each third of the web pages. WordPress website development company Flexi IT uses it to create scalable and customized sites for customers. As this platform is known for being user-friendly, even those who are new to site administration are capable of making basic updates for instance adding blog posts and imagery. Besides, the users have a huge plugins library at their disposal. In such a way, a web page can be entirely customized to meet specific requirements. Additionally, it has a mobile-friendly layout and simple search engine optimization.

It is logical that when designing a WordPress website, one wants to incorporate the recent tendencies. They are influenced by recent web design tendencies on top of the new features followed by each business. Recently, WordPress launched the editing platform, Gutenberg. It involves block design and gives the flexibility to move around features and add imagery and videos wherever a user would like.

Following the recent WordPress, trends allow the creation of the awesome websites. So here is an overview of the WordPress trending highlights in 2021.

The Latest Things of WordPress

Using Drag-And-Drop Plugins

Obviously, a professionally developed website is top-functioning and customized at its most. And while it is difficult to outweigh the customization and performance of such a website, drag-and-drop builders give an opportunity to create a site without utilizing any code. This is particularly useful for people without technical training as it offers an opportunity to see how a page might look after the edits and changes. Divi and Elementor belong to the most popular drag and drop page builders adored by the users.

Utilizing WordPress for eCommerce

Lots of websites include lists of objects and services for purchase, from organizational merchandise to small-scale initiatives. If one also needs to exploit eCommerce capability on a website, one can utilize WooCommerce which adds an eCommerce extension to any WordPress page.

WooCommerce goes along well with the search engine optimization capacities of WordPress. Such features as easily used payment systems, marketing, and inventory sustenance reinforce WooCommers and contribute to the efficient business organization and impeccable customer experience.

WooCommerce has become a choice of 70+ million eCommerce retailers. Among them, there are:

  • Clickbank;
  • Blue Star Coffee;
  • Singer Sewing Machines;
  • Weber Grills;
  • BookRiot;
  • WorthPoint.

So should one opt for WooCommerce to endorse a shop, one would be among the flourishing businesses!

Augmented Reality in WordPress

Augmented reality is a compelling technology that significantly improves customers’ experience while shopping. AR adds a computer-generated image to a photo or real-life image. Enterprises can implement this toolset into their eCommerce pages to enable improved functional look at the objects. For instance, some furniture shops can add AR plugins to their mobile app or enable users to add pictures of their property and utilizing AR, change the configuration of the furniture in the rooms, experiment with lighting, and get inspiration. An example of such an AR extension is the Ozisti plugin.

WordPress Sites with Voice Search

Voice search assistance has dramatically gained in popularity since its launch. Probably, all the active users not only have heard of Siri, Alexa, and the co. but also used them at least once. In fact, the popularity of voice search grows so immensely that in 2020 they launch almost half of all the online searches. Utilizing voice search extensions enables convenience and comfort most users expect to have while shopping.

As voice search gains more and more popularity, it might be a great idea to align one`s WordPress SEO settings with voice search optimization. To stimulate search results, it is advisable to make content that is specifically geared towards voice search improvement, cover the questions the users would most likely ask, and employ relevant keywords which take into account spelling and pronunciation. 

Huge Companies Using WordPress

Even though WordPress used to cater mostly to small businesses and personal pages, now it has become a recognized platform for efficient content management which is widely employed by large enterprises too. It attracts more and more big firms than previously because it enables adding entries and imagery and altering the website’s functionality instantly. WordPress is trusted by the following influential enterprises:

  • BBC America
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Time
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • AMC
  • Beyonce
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Vogue

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