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Word Flow Keyboard on iOS

Word Flow

Window’s text keyboard called Word Flow will soon be available to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.

According to an email obtained by Tom Warren of The Verge, Microsoft asked certain Windows Insider testers and iPhone users to participate in a trial run of the Word Flow keyboard for iOS. This Keyboard includes, on Windows Phones a number of cool features. This includes autocorrect, suggestions as well as gestures, emoticons, multi-language support and the ability to swipe letters in Swype keyboards.

Tom Warren reported that “Microsoft is planning to make its Word Flow keyboard available on other platforms, starting with iOS,”. After Cortana for iOS was introduced recently, Word Flow is another previously Microsoft exclusive feature to be introduced to the larger market via Apple and other mobile platforms. Microsoft has also already made it perfectly clear that it is not interested in keeping the unique parts of the Microsoft mobile operating system to itself as it plans to focus on experiences across multiple platforms.

This keyboard also has an amazing 12 key layout which helps you enter phone numbers and it also boasts of a context-specific key for “.com” which only appears when you are surfing the internet. It also has similar additional domain extensions which can be viewed by long-tapping the key.

The Keyboard works with the prediction engine and over time it changes the active area of letters according to the engine and this happens without you even noticing it, but as your usage increases and so the prediction improves the target area where you have to tap gets larger and this increases your ability to enter text even faster. The email did not, however, state when this keyboard will launch for iOS users. However, you should not worry as it might only be a matter of weeks as the product is already in the testing phase.

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