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How To Wipe Personal Data From iPhone And iPad Before Selling

how to securely delete and erase all personal sensitive data iphone ipad ipod touch

Apple’s launches a brand new iPhone every year around the September-October timeframe. We are nearing said timeframe now, with only a month left until the strongly-rumored September 9th date for the event. People such as yours truly are beginning to make preparations – if only of the mental sort – to sell their current iPhone in order to upgrade to the new one.

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Now, the single most important step you absolutely must take before you put up your iOS device for sale is to understand that it holds sensitive, personal data including your photos, videos, documents, logged-in social media and email accounts, location data, text messages, and much, much more; you must erase all of this before it reaches someone with malicious intent who may just be the next owner of your prized smartphone.

On other platforms, such as Android, the process of erasing personal data is a relatively complicated. iOS users are lucky in that all it takes is a slightly deeper than usual dig into the, and a couple of extra taps.

Things To Do Before Selling Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

However, before you do this, it is strongly recommended that you manually backup all personal data on your device, so that it is safer, and easier to migrate to your new phone.

Again, if you have iTunes installed on your Windows PC or Mac, and regularly sync your iOS device with it, your camera roll, contacts, notes, email configurations, call log, messages, memos, network settings, home screen arrangement, bookmarks, keyboard customizations, app settings, etc. are saved. If you plan on shifting to the iPhone 6 – i.e. not any other platform-powered device such by Android or Windows Phone – then this is all you need. Otherwise, you will need to backup photos / videos / documents by copying them your main computer, and saving the rest online.

How To Wipe Personal Data From iOS Settings

This is exceedingly simple. Launch the > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. Apple uses advanced hardware encryption to securely delete all data on your device’s internal storage. Unlike other platforms – particularly Android – deleting everything or performing a factory reset still would not securely erase the disk, leaving it open for people who are knowledgeable enough to use advanced tools.

how to securely delete and erase all personal sensitive data iphone ipad ipod touch

That’s it! Now you can transfer your device’s ownership to the interested buyer, with full peace of mind.

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