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Through the years, Wikipedia has proven to be an important resource for research and study. Free to everyone via an internet query. Fast, convenient access to accurate, vetted information on everything under the sun and beyond. If there ever was a cause worthy of donations, Wikipedia certainly qualifies. 

I’m old enough to remember the days when you needed to do research for information on a given subject you would have to either travel to the nearest public library and search for the volumes that may or may not contain the information you were looking for. Then manually search through each volume. Or you could purchase the latest edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, which was already outdated by the time it was delivered to your home. Today all that information and more is readily available on Wikipedia.

Wikimedia Foundation

Wikipedia is a product of the Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the proposition that every human being on the planet should have access to information. An endeavor worthy of public support. As a top ten website, they reach over one billion people per month.

Wikipedia is in trouble so I’m doing what I can to get the word out and ask for your support.  A donation as small as $2.75 can make the difference between the continuation of this vital resource or it becoming a mere memory.  Wikipedia is so important for anyone in need of information on any topic. Journalists, educators, researchers, but even more so for the young students of the world who research topics for their studies. Especially in locations that are economically challenged. Free, reliable information is a vital resource that needs to be available to all who seek it.

Please help to keep Wikipedia a free, vibrant, sea of information. A $2.75 donation can really make a difference so find it in yourself to support this important resource in their time of need. They give so much to us. It seems only fair that we do what we can to help in their time of need.

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