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WiFi Priority: Prioritize Which WiFi Network iOS Auto-Connects To

wifi priority

WiFi Priority is an iOS app that allows you to personally select / prioritize which WiFi networks iOS automatically connects to, when they are in range.

wifi priority

Although not so common in developing countries, WiFi density in urban areas of developed countries is really quite incredible. Incredible, yes, since it is useful to have so much variety provided the networks are password-free. On the other hand, they can also be tremendously annoying when your device automatically connects to a slow network when there is a higher-speed network already available.

My understanding of the way iOS WiFi auto-connect works is that, when presented with several WiFi networks which can be auto-connected to, it simply connects to the one that it saw the earliest.

As I mentioned, this can be quite frustrating. There are two ways to deal with it: either you a) manually go to Settings > WiFi and forget the network you do not want iOS to auto-connect to or b) try out WiFi Priority!

wifi priority ios 8 screenshot

Developed by Florian Schimanke, WiFi Priority allows you to prioritize auto-connecting WiFi networks. Once installed, you can use it to disable auto-connect to certain WiFi networks, thereby prioritizing the other, favored ones. WiFi Priority uses configuration profiles to implement its core feature.

If, say, you want to connect to a network you’ve black-listed for auto-connects, you can do that just as you did before. Just go to Settings > WiFi to get it done!

WiFi Priority is available as a $0.99 app for iPhone and iPad from the iTunes App Store. We rather wish it were a free app with a “Pro” in-app purchase to unlock the full feature-set, so we could actually test the app before covering it.

Download WiFi Priority [iTunes App Store link]

Be sure to let us know what you think of WiFi Priority in the comments section below!

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