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Why You Should Get an Electric Breaker for Your Household

Electrical Breakers

A breaker is a device that controls the voltage of electricity in an electric system by opening and closing the circuit. It is usually found in a socket where it can be inserted into an electric outlet for home or office use. It is made of three parts: a switch installed at the top, a motor that rotates, and one ring-shaped part that acts as the rotor with the toothed coil. When the breaker stops spinning by pushing on it, it will automatically trip, shutting off the power supply to the whole house or office. Electric breakers have lots of benefits, they include;

1. Safe

The breaker is very safe and it was made to be used by anyone. It only requires a simple push on the switch to close the circuit. When a high voltage is present in the system, it would automatically shut down and cut off the power supply. Furthermore, they are also helpful because they can prevent overloads, short circuits, or direct shorts which may result to fire or injury.

2. Faster replacement of the bulb

Using this breaker is fast and easy. The most efficient way of changing bulbs is to use the breaker to turn the light on or off so that there will be no need for standing on a chair for a long time just changing a bulb.

3. Energy saving

The breaker saves a lot of energy since it only contains the switch and when it is off, there will be no circuit to the lamp or other power outlet. When not in use, the breaker should be turned off to save energy and not wasting electricity.

4. Prices are reasonable

The breaker can easily be bought from different shops, but most likely you can find it from the electrical store which has a wide variety of quality electric parts that will last longer and can replace several broken breakers. The usual price of an electric breaker is around $10-20 depending on its brand or quality. Therefore, they are very affordable and handy.

5. Low maintenance cost

The breaker is very simple to use and it does not require much maintenance. It can be replaced when it breaks down or is damaged. When you put an electric breaker on a newly installed electrical system, it will help your house or office to cut off the power instantly when there is an emergency that may occur.


6. Easy installation and fine adjustment

The breaker has the rotating ring thing which can be easily adjusted if you need to customize the way it works by adjusting its orientation having long service life which generally depends on how you handle it. The installation of an electrical breaker is also very easy since you only have to put it on the usual power outlet found in your house and turn it on.

7. Has three poles

The breaker has 3 poles which can be used by connecting each in a circuit with different current ratings. By using this switch, you can use it for your households like as a fan, light, cooking appliances and computer, or any other appliances that require electricity consumption. These days, the breaker is used mostly by people to save energy consumption when they want to light up their homes or offices.

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