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Why You Should Get A Job In Community Services

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It really is a shame that so few careers provide satisfaction – whether it be in the work itself, the flexibility of the work or the room to grow. You may be surprised to learn that the community services industry offers all of these perks – and more! Community services is a sector that allows people to give back by helping clients who need it the most. With so many vulnerable people living in Australia, being one of the few who actively helps them is a significant reward in itself, with your actions serving to enrich their lives substantially. Work in community services is so much more than this, though. In this article, we take a look at what makes this growing sector such a good option.

Being Passionate About Helping Others

If you’re feeling run-down or stagnating in a 9 to 5 job, finding work that involves helping others is an excellent way to remedy this lacking feeling. Studying community services is simple – try researching Cert 3 Community Services in Sydney, Melbourne, or wherever you’re from. After starting up your study, you can then better find out how exactly you want to apply your rapidly expanding knowledge. Community services, depending on the avenue you choose to pursue, can provide a very different assortment of clients. For example, you might be regularly working with those in aged care, indigenous and multicultural support, asylum seekers and refugee services, mental health and counseling or family services, each client-base offering completely different experiences. This is perfect for someone seeking variety in their work – if you start in a sector taking care of a certain kind of client, there’s no reason you can change afterward! Regardless of the people, you choose to care for, you’ll have the distinct pleasure of watching their positive growth through the advice, advocacy, and support you deliver to them.

A Key Growth Area

Community services is actually a much bigger field than you might think. Your preconceptions of the sector might be related to specific fields – such as prison work – but it is actually quite a lot bigger than this. Occupations you might choose to pursue include caseworker, crisis intervention worker, support caseworker child protection officer, community development officer and halfway house supervisor. These are just a small selection of the roles you could choose to focus on, but suffice it to say,  with work available in the not-for-profit, government and private sectors, there’s a job in community services that can suit any need and personality. With the sector looking to grow, there’s even more incentive to get involved and start studying – statistically, community services is a sector that has demonstrated constant growth over the years, so there will never be an issue of job sustainability for those that elect to work in a community services occupation.

Consider Community Services

Fighting for the rights of your clients is one of the most important aspects of community services, which is really what makes the sector so incredibly important and rewarding. With approximately 50 different roles available in community services, there’s also a great opportunity for you to find your niche and educate yourself, and if you wish, to alter your career in the long-term to better suit your needs. It really is a sector that has it all – rewarding work, job security, and flexibility – so why haven’t you taken the plunge?

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