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Why You Should Choose a Multifunctional Rotary Tool

Rotary Tool

Multifunctional rotary tools are handy for several jobs around the workshop. They are versatile, lightweight, and come with accessories suitable for a wide range of jobs. Power tools can be expensive, especially for professionals starting out in the industry. Aim to find multifunctional tools instead of investing in every single tool available.

A rotary tool is a handheld device with a fast-spinning motor tip used for grinding, sanding, and polishing different materials. You can apply different attachments for different materials and tasks. The rotary tool is easy to use and a perfect alternative to more heavy-duty machinery.

You can invest in either a cordless or corded rotary tool. Cordless tools have numerous benefits, like being easier to maneuver and grab for smaller spaces. You also don’t need an extension or plug nearby to use the cordless tool. However, that also means you will need to charge the tool at some point in the day and stop working. Cordless rotary tools usually have lower RPMs because of their lower power output.

Do your research and choose the best rotary tool for you and your work. Read the safety guidelines on how to use the tool efficiently and look after the device. Always wear the appropriate PPE when using power tools and on the worksite.

Here are a few ways rotary tools can be used


Attach a grinding attachment and use the tool to make sharp edges or remove them. You can sharpen knives, shears, scissors, and older tools back to their former glory.


A smaller tool is perfect for carving materials and engraving details. You can use different attachments to carve metal and wood with a rotary tool. Experiment with different carving designs and decorations on multiple materials until you’re an expert carver.


A rotary tool can be used to cut small and larger items. Use cutting wheel attachments to trim metal and plastic and straight attachment for wood or other lighter materials. If you want to add finer cuts to steel, buy a carbide burr attachment for your rotary tool.


Some glasswork hobbyists add a diamond point wheel attachment to the rotary tool. The diamonds bits are made from steel with diamond grits engraved into them. You can etch, carve and engrave the class with intricate designs. Do not use a regular attachment to cut glass – it will shatter and potentially injure you. You should also be mindful of the temperature when you are using power tools on glass.


The sanding attachment is the perfect addition to your collection if you need a tool for moldings and smaller details. You can choose between a disc, band, flap wheel, or abrasive buff to sand down materials.

Rotary tools are useful for several tasks and can be customized to your line of work.

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