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Why You Should Aim to Serve and Not to Just Make Money

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A big lie exists in our life. A lie about success, beliefs, and fulfillment. We put our values in the wrong things, which lead us to disillusioned lives. When your definition of success is inculcated with commercialism, you’ll end up like everyone else whether it’s an individual or an organization, our questioning to reason compels us to walk in a particular direction.

That direction influences our vision, goals, and consequently, our products.

The idea of contemplating the purpose of your company was popularized by Simon Sinek. He illustrates that the most successful companies include those who start with their why, instead of their product. By following this ideology, our product becomes a means to our end, a milestone on the path of our vision. Hence, now let’s delve into the delicate part; choosing the right purpose.

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else”Yogi Berra

Today, we are surrounded by companies that either have no vision and if they do, it’s about making money. Thus, an average entrepreneur is so fogged up by all this that he has no perspective of what’s important anymore. He too wants to gobble up more money, customers, or more property. But some genuine and great companies/websites are also present out there who do not only work for money but ethics, for example, Ethical Sellers. Opting for this pursuit might bring about a good brand, but for a great one, you have to walk the extra mile.

Putting pressure on potential buyers will hurt your business

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”-Simon Sinek. No one feels comfortable when pressurized. Once you have a comprehensive solution that serves the society in some way, instead of adapting aggressive marketing techniques, focus on making your products aligned with your vision. 

Now, your potential customers are the ones who have the same beliefs as yours. Your buyers should feel like they are in control, with no pressure whatsoever. Let’s say your client wants you to write a dissertation. Now, if you try to enforce an irrelevant idea, you might end up losing them. It illustrates that you have deviated from your values, and your entire focus is on grabbing a bill. It will eventually make you compromise on your products and hurt your sales.

Be proactive in solving people’s problems

Every company that has just embarked on its journey aims to build promising brand loyalty, a mission that many stumble on. You may pull in a customer for once in a while, but for a loyal customer relationship, you must act rationally.

Your customers should never hesitate to reach out to you. Be it criticism, negative comments, or some kind of appreciation; your team always needs to welcome their feedback. Offer them your assistance and save the day before the situation escalates. Indeed, these measures will make them feel valued and unique.

Sales making is not about creating pressure, stress, and urgency

Rather than revamping your marketing strategies or comprehending the needs of your customers, you might fall prey to the thirst for higher sales. It may happen when you wander from your vision and fall astray. Constraining your marketers to seize a large number of sales will affect their productivity, and promote an unhealthy work environment.  

“Ninety percent of selling is conviction, and 10 percent is persuasion.”Shiv Khera

Aim for making a customer, not a sale. Otherwise, desperation will surround your ambitions, making it hard to avoid a coercing marketing strategy. For instance, if you plan to bombard your customers with messages on social media, there are good chances that neither your marketing team nor your customers will be satisfied. I will conclude this argument with a famous quote by Bob Hooey:

“If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will”.

Avoid intimidation, domination, and deception

Strive towards your mission irrespective of whether you prevail among your competitors. Encourage your employees and ensure their fulfillment. This will make them strive to work on their full potential and enhance their productivity. 

Don’t seek the dominance of the market by contending with your competitors, instead of endeavor for brilliance and distinction. Eventually, you’ll win over the market. 

Deception may pull in a couple of customers, but in the long run, it will tarnish your brand’s credibility, eventually demolishing customer’s loyalty towards your brand.

Play the long game

For a company, success is not a destination; it’s a journey! Your success will be quantified based on a timeline that comprises some milestones along with set time periods. An understanding decision will be needed to set long term goals that are practical and achievable. 

These goals will compel you to strive consistently, avoiding any rash decisions. As opposed to seeking short term benefits, make your brand thrive by putting in some sound investments. Invest in your employees, your customers, and influencer marketing.

Deliver your promises

Although you may bargain for your vision, never compromise on it. Your clients are your assets. Once you have promised your customers a thing, do not deceive them nor your own self.

A simple formula to achieve this is only to undertake a well-thought commitment. Then adapt every possible strategy that makes you stick to your words.

Delivering your promises will ultimately bring in loyal customers who will be willing to endeavor along with your company on a journey to success.

Sales are just a by-product

Right through this article, I have emphasized the significance of establishing the goals of your company while aiming for a noble vision. We have delved into the values a loyal customer brings to your brand. Accomplishing all of this will make your brand reach new heights. Much to your astonishment, eventually you’ll comprehend that sales are just a by-product.

Final thoughts

“What we depend upon for happiness and a sense of fulfilment is reflective of our self-giving character forged through a variety of evocative experiences.” ― Kilroy J. Oldster. 

At the end of the day, it’s about achieving a wave of inner peace and an overwhelming feeling of fullness. I believe that a company’s attitude defines who they are and what they are striving for. Thus, aim high, but wisely!

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