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Why Use Mac? 5 Main Benefits of Having an Apple Product in 2020

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Thinking about getting a Mac? You probably want to make sure you make a wise investment on your new computer or tablet.

Apple became the first company valued at $1 trillion this year. Mac sales increased to approximately 20 million in 2017 alone, and it is now the fourth-largest computer maker.

Why use Mac? Let us help you decide. Here are five reasons you may want to consider buying Apple products this year.

1. Quicker Updates

A big problem with Windows machines is the variety of systems. Microsoft has minimum system requirements but the hardware on the machines varies. 

Apple doesn’t have that problem, so you can spot and stop bugs early. MacOS, or Mac operating system, can be updated regularly when the latest versions are released each fall.

This makes it much easier to keep your system up-to-date when the new Apple update is ready.

Apple makes the device and also the software. This means that the hardware and the software components are built to work together seamlessly. This is why updates are easier to perform because machines are consistent and optimized to work with the software.

Apple software is built in the hardware. There are no drivers like PCs, so there is no guessing game to try to get things working properly.

2. Comes With Preloaded Apps

The standard Windows OS does not include Microsoft Office Suite. It is sold separately or as an add-on to the PC. The Windows-based computers come with random apps and software that can take up space with storage and may not be useful.

The Mac or MacBook Pro comes with several useful apps and macOS. Apps include Safari web browser, communication apps like FaceTime and Messages, Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

For creative professionals, Apple products also come with the video-editing app, iMovie, and the photo-editing app, iPhoto. These apps come with advanced functionalities. 

If you want to make music or create a podcast, Apple comes with the GarageBand app for these projects. 

3. Cost

Yes, Apple computers do cost more. However, keep in mind the value a few years later. The price doesn’t drop as significantly with an Apple as much as it does with a Windows-based computer. 

Apple computers keep their value, and people are willing to buy them used. The higher cost comes with better quality materials. 

Apples have an aluminum case instead of a plastic one. They are built to withstand a lot of use in their circuits. 

These computers are not heavy. Comfort is a requirement, which includes low weight demand. 

When you add up the quality and how long it will last, you will see the cost is actually a benefit. Macs have support for up to 10 years, so conceivably, you could have your computer for that long.

When you have issues with an Apple product, there is no question where you need to take it. Apple also offers support online, phone chats, and or in the Apple store with a knowledgable advisor.

4. Integration With Other Apple Products

Apple’s system can flow seamlessly between an iPad, iPhone, and a Mac. When you think of smart devices, Apple set the standard. Most Apple products are completely integrated, so you can switch between your macOS and iOS for various tasks.

You can start something on your iPhone and then finish on your Mac computer. You will not need to synchronize your devices as long as you use the same Apple ID.

You can view photos, send messages, save address book entries, and more between these devices. This is one of Apple’s biggest selling points, and not too many competitors can match.

5. The Experience

Interacting with our computers is all about the experience. If it runs slow or the system crashes, it can ruin our day. 

The macOS is stable, easy to use, clean, and refined.  The macOS user workflow is similar to iOS. Installing and launching apps is the same between the two and so is deleting or updating apps. 

You can download an app in the App Store, and it goes to a centralized folder—Launchpad. This is a single destination for all Apple apps, which adds to the integration of the product but also the experience.

You do not need to go through folder paths and create shortcuts to access programs quickly.

Windows also seem to run better on Apple than PC. The glitches go away and the system runs with smooth performance. Since OS X, Apple users can use PC programs on a Mac. PCs cannot say the same.

Macs still suffer fewer attacks than PCs. With the rise of Internet attacks, Macs are still vulnerable. PCs also require more updating and patching, which can overtime slow down the system. 


We talked about the benefits of a Mac, so now let’s look at the disadvantages.

The biggest difference can be the cost. You can find a PC in about any pricepoint. If you are worried about the initial investment, a Mac will set you back more, so this could be a problem if you don’t have the money for now.

PCs also have more opportunities for touch screens. Laptops can also convert into tablets, so you can use tablets like computers. 

Apple is working to change that with the new iPad Pro

Why Use Mac?

So why use Mac?

We explained the reasons why use a Mac versus a PC. You can save money in the long run, integrate with other Apple products, and have support to keep your devices running smoothly for many years.

If you are worried about the cost, you could always consider a used or refurbished Mac for a reduced price. 

Looking for more tech advice? Keep reading our site to find out the latest and greatest tech products, hacks, and tips to improve your user experience with Apple products.

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