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Why Traditional Marketing is Still Important

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You’ve probably read tons of articles claiming traditional marketing is “dead” and you’re better off concentrating your efforts on digital marketing. It is true that traditional marketing is “dead” and this should be seen as an opportunity for a business that is always looking for ways to improve. Most businesses starting out will never bother with traditional advertising because of the false notion that it is not effective anymore. Any business that has a physical location and serves a particular community or region can benefit from traditional marketing in so many ways. One good way to promote your product or services is by placing your company logo in your merchandise, like some business journals personalized with your brand logo. There are a couple of reasons why traditional forms of advertising are still relevant today and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Brand Exposure

It is not enough to have an online presence if you’re looking to grow a brand. This is particularly true if you have a business that targets a particular location. In order to establish credibility, people need to know what your business is all about and what you stand for. Most companies will put their marketing budget on digital yet forget that creating a reputable brand is all about engagement. This might not be effective if you rely on online platforms alone. You might decide to be sponsoring certain events in your community. This is more effective than creating awareness campaigns on Facebook. You might not get the target market but the name of your brand will stand out.

It Has Become Affordable

In the past, only big companies used to advertise on TV and print media. With the advent of digital marketing, traditional media houses have been forced to revise down rates to attract potential customers. This has made it possible for even small businesses to advertise on local dailies and TV stations. You might also be thinking of print marketing as a viable alternative to growing your business. You can look for The Teardrop Banners and Flags Store for ideas of creating print materials for your business that will be used as promotional items. They are not only effective but also inexpensive.

More Personal

We live in an age where everything can be found online. It is easy to get information that you’re looking for with the click of a button. This has made interactions impersonal and it can be hard to build a brand under such circumstances. There is also an overload of information which could cripple the decision-making process. Researchers have shown that people are likely to pay close attention to physical literature compared to what they’re reading online. That is why it makes sense to still invest in print marketing if you’re serious about building the brand. Print is more engaging because the reader has to be more attentive to the message and it’s not something that you can skim through hoping that you will get what is trying to be communicated.

Millennials are Responding to Print Better

This might come as a shock for a lot of people given that millennials are the ones that have been leading the digital renaissance. Millennials are looking for something more engaging and that is why it is crucial that you’re involving print marketing because you could be missing out on a lot. Numerous studies have shown that millennials will respond better to print marketing compared to digital marketing. This should be more than enough reason to target millennials with all the marketing avenues possible. The fact that it is inexpensive means that you don’t stand to lose a lot, even if you don’t achieve your objectives.

Less Competition

Traditional media houses have been complaining about dwindling advertising revenue. This is mainly attributed to the growth of digital marketing. There is no denying that digital marketing has massive potential. You can still use both forms of marketing to grow your business. Most people have shifted their attention to digital marketing. This has created a gap that you can use to your advantage. There are still people who read newspapers and who prefer flyers rather than going on the internet to look for information. Millennials have also shown that going “physical” is the way to go.

As a business owner, it is important to be vigilant if you’re to stay competitive. This means looking for ways to improve. The small changes will obviously have a compounding effect. You could be surprised by what that banner outside your business can do in terms of creating awareness. Even if traditional methods are not as effective as they used to be, it doesn’t mean they don’t work.

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