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Why The Akaso Brave 4 Is Still A Great Little Action Camera!

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Akaso Brave 4

The Akaso Brave 4 is without a doubt one of, if not the most popular entry-level action camera ever made with one of the largest customer bases going for the affordable action camera market. Although Akaso Brave 6 is now available on the market, Akaso Brave 4 is still seeing great growth in its customer base due to its recent price reduction that makes it an absolute bargain. You need to read the best camera lens reviews to understand why it is so popular.

Now, the price of the Brave 4 will definitely depend on the retailer that you are shopping at but we have seen it available for less than $50 in some places like Walmart whereas places like Amazon and B&H tend to be a little bit more expensive. If you are able to find the Akaso Brave 4 for under fifty dollars then it is well worth adding to your collection in our opinion even though it is showing its age a little, at that price, it is worth every cent.

4k video

The camera offers digitally upscaled 4k video footage at 24fps and although it is not as good as native 4k video, it is still a solid video resolution with a great frame rate too. If you are looking for a cheap action camera to help you capture your adventures in the best possible image quality then the 4k video footage is definitely a great option. Although the Brave 4 supports a number of other popular video resolutions, the other main one of note that most of our readers will be interested in is the 1080P at 60fps. This ensures that you get a nice balance between the image quality and the frame rate while also being much more forgiving on the battery in the camera and providing you with almost double the battery life compared to recording in 4k.

If you are more on the action sport side of things then the 720p at 120fps can also be a solid resolution to use if you are wanting to capture your action sports of choice in slow motion too. That said, if you are wanting to use the Brave 4 as a super affordable vlogging camera then the 720p resolution can also be a great way to capture some slow-motion b-roll video footage to edit into your vlogs too depending on what you are wanting to do for your vlogs.

Smart Gyroscope

Although pretty common for entry-level, cheap action cameras these days, the Brave 4 was also one of the first camera bodies to come with smart gyroscope technology as standard too. This helps to provide you with some solid built-in image stabilization and anti-shaking capabilities to help keep your videos as smooth as possible too.

20MP camera sensor

The camera also comes with a massive 20MP camera sensor too with a fully adjustable lens that covers 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70° allowing you to tweak your field of view as required too. As we mentioned, if you can pick this up for under fifty dollars then it is a great little camera that we would highly recommend you purchase. If you would like to know more then you can read this full Akaso Brave 4 review.

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