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Why Students Order An Essay: A Breakdown Of Personal and Academic Problems

Student Stress

If you think the life of a school or college student is the same as it was three decades back, think again. Students these days are under far more pressure, stress, and anxiety than their parents ever were. Why? The answer is simple. 

The kind of competition that exists in today’s world means that you have to be great at everything. Just getting good grades is not enough. You need to be on the school basketball, football, debate, and elocution teams. 

If that wasn’t enough, you need to ace extra-curricular that are not related to school or academic-related activities. Examples- helping out your mother manage social media for her small business. Or assisting your father with some light accounting work!

Students these days are called upon to do so much more than their contemporaries from an earlier era. With mental health troubles, poor family relationships, and ever-increasing school fees, there is just too much to handle when it comes to student life. 

This is where online platforms from where you can order academic essays come into the picture. It helps students by giving them a small amount of free time that they can dedicate to their other pursuits. 

Major Problems Faced by Students in Educational Institutions

If you are a student that has to fend for yourself and pay hundreds and thousands of dollars in student loans, you will have to look for a part-time job. If you are supporting your family in some way, you might have to work two jobs and attend your classes during the day. 

All this said and done means that there is a high probability that you might end up missing deadlines and submissions as far as papers or projects are concerned. If you take it too lightly, the same will start reflecting on your grades and you will be termed a dismal student. 

Can you see the kind of Catch-22 situation students find themselves in? This is something that a lot of folks, including teachers, parents, and peers might not see. With the added pressure of social media, and the pandemic, the strains of academic pursuits become too much. 

Let us list down the problems for more clarity- 

  • Some students have lost their near and dear ones during the pandemic and that has affected their academic productivity. 
  • The loss of jobs and livelihood of their parents because of the pandemic has forced them to take on part-time jobs to sustain themselves. 
  • There are multiple mental health concerns that students have because of failed relationships, divorced parents, and other factors. 
  • Student loans are a real issue that forces them to work multiple jobs in order to have some financial safety and help pay off the loans. 
  • Teachers and professors are not compassionate enough to understand problems and deadlines are getting far too unrealistic. 

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Ordering an Essay Online: What is it all about?

As we mentioned in the last section, all the problems listed above will definitely prevent students from submitting their academic work and missing submission deadlines. 

However, in recent years, there has come about a simple, effective, and easy way to overcome this problem. There are many credible academic platforms from where you can order essays online. These are mostly startups that work with hundreds of subject matter experts and allow students to get their essays written. 

Many students are of the opinion that without such platforms, it would have been impossible for them to complete their education. Essay platforms have multiple writers that are experts in different subjects and disciplines. 

All students need to do are- 

  1. Choose the type of service they are looking to get– This can be anything from getting a thesis written to a simple book review. The best platforms offer a range of academic writing services to students. 
  2. Select the academic level of your education– You can choose the level to help give an idea of the quality of the essay that is being demanded. Very simply, all you need to do is choose from High School, College, University, and Ph.D. 
  3. Type in the deadline before which you want it to be submitted– There might be instances where you will end up forgetting something and you will have just a couple of hours to submit the essay. Make sure that you mention the deadline on the platform. 

The Bottom Line

Teachers and educational institutions have to realize that not every student has the perfect textbook life where they are just sitting doing nothing apart from finishing their assignments and papers every day. Some have to take on the responsibilities of their entire home and carry on with their studies at the same time. If students that belong to such difficult situations order essays online, what is the harm in doing so?

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