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Why Should You Use Third Party Marketing Video Companies?

Marketing Video Production

Marketing videos can be one of the most powerful advertising tools your company has at its disposal, but only if you use them well. While in-house production is often expensive and very risky, third-party marketing video companies can cost your company a fraction of the cost while getting your message out to customers far more effectively.

Here are five core reasons why you should outsource the production of your marketing videos.

1. Your Marketing Videos Can Be of Much Higher Quality

In-house production of marketing videos is a process fraught with potential pitfalls that can quickly add up. Production time is limited, and budgets are often quite tight, especially if the proposed advertising campaign requires a lot of CGI, voice work, or other professional-level assets.

While there are some things that an in-house team cannot do, it is technically possible to have an entire video ad campaign created in-house using basic assets. The only problem is that you are going to be missing out on a lot of your videos’ full potential since most companies will not have the assets needed.

When your marketing videos are put together by a marketing video company, they are produced with the highest quality tools and techniques to ensure a professional and effective message that does your brand justice. In some cases, this can mean that the video content is so well-prepared that you can reuse it for years to come without it getting stale.

2. You Can Get Expert Advice on What Works and What Doesn’t

If your videos are being produced by a marketing video company, they have a wealth of experience to draw on. Their specialists work with countless brands, with some doing it for literal decades, and these people know exactly what is and is not effective.

This can range from simple aesthetic choices to a major adjustment to the audio in your ad: they know how the content and messaging of your videos should be put together and what they should look like. They can also give you feedback about whether certain features like voiceovers, animated graphics, and video edits will improve or degrade your message.

Since you are working with a marketing video company rather than an in-house team, you will not be relying on guesswork. If you want to try something unusual or new, you can – with hired experts looking at your idea from start to finish, suggesting improvements that can make a huge difference to how your ad is received.

3. You Can Save Time and Money

When you work with a marketing video company, they can save you a lot of time and money through outsourced video production.

When you put a video together in-house, there is a lot of work to do on a daily basis to get a finished product ready to go. From re-editing, to sound and music editing, to post-production, there is a lot of work that needs to happen before your video can go live.

When you use third-party marketing video companies, they can take care of this kind of work. Not only does it push the busywork onto experienced industry professionals, but it also frees up all of your own employees to work on more important tasks or other kinds of marketing material.

Since production is their full-time job, marketing video companies are often very fast and efficient in putting together your video. In addition to that, they have the time to work on every little detail, creating an incredible finished product.

4. You Can Rely on a Brand That Has Your Back

When you work with a marketing video company, they have a brand of their own to back them up. They are responsible for putting out top-quality video content, with everything working to match the standards your brand puts out.

In-house production might seem easier and cheaper at first, but unless your employees have done it consistently before, you do not really know how the video content will turn out. Perhaps they will pull together something amazing, but an inexperienced team is far more likely to produce video content that does not match your expectations or your marketing needs.

Most marketing video companies show off their past work in online ad reels, allowing you to get an idea of their personal style and strong points. This makes it far easier to choose a brand that suits your vision or do the opposite and choose an ad style that suits your hired company.

5. You Can Save Money for More Important Things

When you are putting together your own video advertising campaign, you are going to be doing all kinds of things to produce your ad. Perhaps you are researching different topics to write a script, putting together videos for a social media campaign, or trying to source the visual effects you need.

In most cases, you will be doing this without an exact list of what might work best. Unless you have made video ads in the past, you are not generally going to have VFX software, sound editors, voiceover specialists, or CGI tools ready and waiting to be used.

A marketing video company can do all of this work for you – for a fraction of the cost. Whether you care more about time or money, they can spend both in a more effective way than an in-house team, with their specialist and experienced personnel working on your ad to ensure that it is optimized for your branding, messaging, target audience, and industry.

Marketing video production companies can be the best place to turn if you need custom video work done professionally for your business. Whatever you are looking for, it is important to make sure that it is done properly, especially if it is going to represent your entire business. Thinking long-term, you also want to build a relationship that will last, especially if you plan on getting more videos in the future.

Remember that no two companies are the same and that there is not just one way to approach marketing videos. Sometimes it helps to look at your options and think about the idea you actually want, especially if you are trying to replicate the style of another ad or want a certain aesthetic that would take expert care to achieve correctly.

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