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Why Should You Include Print Media In Your Marketing Plans?

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Despite the popularity of online marketing that has become a rage today, traditional marketing methods are still crucial for businesses to build brands by communicating with the audience effectively.  The past few decades witnessed an enormous impact of the internet in all walks of life; many naysayers had foretold the death of the print media. But fortunately, the prediction did not turn true, and print media is still vital for marketing activities because of several benefits that it offers.

Today, the digital space of marketing has become saturated with advertisements, email marketing, along social media marketing. So, to take a more time-tested approach in marketing, choosing graphics and printing is the best option. The brand experience that you can provide to your customers and prospects by using print media is one of its kind. No digital and online media can match that. 

Are you are still not convinced why print media should be a part of your marketing mix?  Then this article should provide enough reasons to decide in its favor.

Extended Benefits

While digital media of communications might have an immediate impact on the audience, its longevity is quite short because it lives as long as people can remember it. And since human memory is short, the effect does not last long. On the other hand, brochures, publications, posters, flyers, etc. supplied by Superior Resource Printing & Graphics are physical items. Investing in a quality garment printer would allow you to take your printed media to another level, making a T-shirt with your logo a walking billboard. So, they remain visible for months or years as long as people preserve them. Its impact keeps lingering, and even if people forget about it, they quickly recapitulate it when they look at it. The tangible print media provides extended benefits that are not available from digital media.

Print Appeals To The Senses

Digital media does not appeal to our senses as much as print media. Digital media appeals only to our intellect. But any printed material goes much beyond it because we can not only feel the paper but even smell the ink. Freshly printed materials provide exceptional sensory experiences that play a critical role in our lives and are especially crucial for marketers in communicating with the targeted audience.  Triggering multiple senses enhances the effectiveness of print advertising. Experts say that brands that appeal to three of more senses will have better success in their advertising efforts than brands that are unable to do it.

More Credibility

Often the digital media might appear like a world of make-believe because of its immense manipulative powers that many people can misuse. But the feeling you get when you receive magazines and brochures instantly generates a feeling of legitimacy that only print media can create. The printed piece of paper accompanies you as long as you preserve it. It gives the opportunity of consuming the content in-depth as you can take your own time to go through it in bits and pieces according to your convenience at different times. You can leave the piece of paper and come back to resume reading when you like.

Better Engagement

Digital technology has shrunk communication. Now we are thriftier about using full words and sentences and instead prefer to use abbreviated and truncated text to keep up with speedy communication. That often hinders engagement as people do not pay full attention to the content but engage in some other activity simultaneously when looking at the content.  A glaring example is when we browse the internet we also talk on the phone.

But with the print media, it is entirely different because you must pay complete attention to the content when consuming it. Leaving all other activities, you must focus on the content, and this creates much better engagement. The length of attention that print media draws is highly valuable for marketing.

Longer Attention

If digital media provides extensive exposure to brands, then print media provides much deeper exposure that has a long-lasting effect. Our brains process information depending on how it reaches us. When we look at any printed material, we take a longer time to go through it and stay attached to it longer than we do with digital media.  Print media allows us to pay undivided attention to it because of the absence of the distractions like banner ads and pop-ups of the digital media that are highly intrusive. The power of print media in communicating messages is much more than digital media. 

When you look at digital ads, it has a specified span of few seconds to display that often fails to draw attention. However, with print media, the long exposure of ads ensures that people get ample opportunity to pay attention to it.

To make your marketing more productive, you must have the right mix of digital media and print media to build a more trustworthy brand. Superior print materials have a powerful appeal to the minds that can boost marketing gains.

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