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Why Parental Control Is Important For Kids Apps

Why Parental Control Is Important, Protecting children from digital world, Fighting cyber-bullying, Establishing cyber safety habits, Protecting children from objectionable content

Parents all over the world are currently facing a profound challenge. They are trying to weigh the pros and cons of allowing their children the freedom to use the digital world while ascertaining the limits of that freedom. If you don’t allow your children to use the internet, then it would hamper their ability to develop and learn. Then again, online exposure can lead to online threats or encounter content that go way beyond their ability to handle. That’s why parental control is necessary.

In this digitized age, parenting is a challenging task. It used to be easier than it is today, particularly due to computers, smartphones, and the internet. Such rapid technological advancements are bringing new and more substantial challenges for parents, and so they aren’t being able to keep up.

Protecting children from the dangers of digital technology and the internet are becoming crucial. Indeed, certain dangers lurk within Kids apps and Learning apps too.

Fortunately, advanced tools of parental control are now available that allow you to monitor what your kids are doing on their phones, computers, and tablets. These tools and specific apps let the fathers and mothers of children control and regulate their children’s internet activity.

Due to the ease of accessibility, the world of the web exposes children to various threats including theft, social media scams, cyber-bullying, and adult content. For these reasons, parental control is currently mandatory because it allows you to protect your children. Here you will learn in detail why parental control is essential.

Protecting children from objectionable content

The truth is that objectionable content is everywhere in the world of the web. It can also make its way to Apps for parents and kids in the form of advertisements. Parents often feel helpless and awkward at the same time to shield their children from it.

The only way to avoid objectionable content effectively is to administer parental control on the digital devices that your children use. Since you can control everything remotely, you can restrict the access of your children’s devices to refrain from bringing inappropriate content forward. Even YouTube comes with an age-restriction feature to prevent kids from viewing adult content.

Fighting cyber-bullying

Smartphones and the internet made children much more vulnerable to bullying. Some people find it amusing to verbally abuse kids through social media or text messages. Mobile app development companies are coming up with unique parental control apps that let parents keep tabs on the outgoing and incoming messages, phone calls, etc through various social media platforms. It’s one of the ways to be aware of everyone contacting your child and what he/she speaks about with his/her friends.

Blocking websites based on category

The experts working with some of the top mobile app development companies know that it’s tricky for parents to identify all the websites that are inappropriate for children. With parental control, you can restrict these websites from appearing by blocking them based on categories. Parental control systems have tools that allow you to do this.

For example, if you don’t want your kids to encounter adult content, then you can block such websites by choosing the “adult” category. Most websites generally belong to one of the following categories.

  • Social networking
  • Downloads
  • Gaming
  • Adult
  • Online shopping

Some other categories exist but these are the main ones. The category blocking systems of parental control lets you create a list of websites that you want to exclude from or include in the list.

Limitation on downloading

Companies that specialize in cross-platform app development and secure kids app development also suggest limiting downloads. It’s easy to deceive and fool children. That’s why cyber-criminals and hackers target them. Children often download software programs or apps that appear genuine but are viruses and malware in reality.

Downloading such programs can lead to dangerous outcomes. These apps can expose private data on the internet, such as bank account information, passwords, photographs, or anything else. Furthermore, these programs and apps can lock the phone or computer, cause operational issues, and spread to other devices as well.

With parental control systems, you can prevent your children from downloading anything from untrustworthy and suspicious sources. You also have to be wise enough to control what your kids can or can’t download. It’s the only way to keep your devices and networks safe from viruses and malware.

Establishing cyber safety habits

Finally, with a secure kids app combine with parental control features, you can establish good cyber safety habits. The world of cyber-crime is a multibillion-dollar industry. These perpetrators prey on people who don’t adhere to strict cyber habits.

As you know, a child’s brain is under constant development. It allows the kid to learn new things. They are always on a quest to know more. As a result, they may unknowingly engage themselves in risky online behavior.

They may disclose too much information, such as the name of their schools or date of birth. In doing so, they compromise their own safety as well as their parents.


One of the most important benefits of applications and software programs that come with parental control systems is that it increases the familiarity of children and their parents with new apps, social websites, devices, and more. You have your cell phones, desktops, tablets, and laptops, and your children are probably using specific apps that you know nothing about. Understandably, you may face trouble while navigating those apps and sites. By taking control of the devices that your children use, you get a better understanding of what they use and how they should use them.

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