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Why Is My Tree Losing Its Leaves in Spring? 


Whenever spring arrives, we always expect our trees to bloom with green leaves and new flowers. Such signs are the perfect indication that winter has passed and spring is taking charge. However, what happens when you notice your tree’s green leaves on the ground instead of the ranches? Manhattan tree service is an experienced tree company that has shed some light on this predicament to help owners know what to expect and do in such situations? The following are some of the most common reasons why your tree is losing its leaves in spring.  

It Can be Normal 

It’s normal for some trees to lose their leaves during spring while others are busy blooming. Furthermore, trees tend to hang onto their leaves during winter, and once spring arrives, leaf loss becomes a natural aspect of their lifestyle. Therefore, it shouldn’t be something to panic over because trees like the southern magnolia, hackberry, hickory, and live oak are known to shed their leaves during spring. If the fallen leaves seem smooth and green, then there isn’t much to worry about. However, if the occurrence is new to you and your tree, it would be wise to contact a tree service company for further diagnosis.  

Tree Infection

If your tree isn’t among those likely to shed leaves during spring but still does, it could be infected with diseases. For example, if the fallen leaves aren’t smooth and green but rather curled and brown, it could be a sign of Anthracnose. This is a type of fungus that can attack your trees and thrives in the coolness of spring. Ash trees are most likely to be attacked by Anthracnose, which forces the plants to lose their leaves. Luckily, there’s a solution for such a parasite with Tree Services Manhattan ready to help. You don’t need a tree removal service to get rid of the entire plant because the disease isn’t known to be fatal, and most trees can withstand it.  

Tree Pests 

Tree pests could also be another problem that’s causing your trees to shed their leaves in spring. In such a situation, you can quickly start the pest control treatment available. However, it would be wise to consult with a pest control service or tree cutting company to get a better opinion on the type of tree pests you’re dealing with and their appropriate treatment options. Also, don’t expect the treatment to take effect immediately because while it might kill the pests, you might have to wait till the following season to see the results.   

Practicing Proactive Tree Care for Summer 

As summer approaches, trees are at their most vulnerable since the weather starts changing. They need to be protected from extreme heat and humidity, which can stress out sap flow and lead to insect infestations. When you’re not around to water your tree, make sure you take the proactive approach. To keep your trees healthy this season, avoid these three things: fertilizing too often, overwatering, and pruning indiscriminately. 

Learn how to fertilize your trees properly

Fertilizing too often can burn the roots and overstimulate growth, leading to poor form. To deter this from happening, feed your trees in early spring and mid-summer. Then, only apply slow-release organic commercial fertilizer once every two weeks. 

Take a measured approach to water your trees during the summer months

Trees thrive on moisture, but you need to be thoughtful about how much water you give them. Overwatering can lead to root rot, which will only weaken the tree. Apply one cup of water for every foot of trunk diameter, and keep a careful eye on your trees throughout the season. 

Avoid pruning your trees too often during the summer months

Pruning trees too often during summer can stress out their system and cause them to become susceptible to insect invasions. If you need to prune branches, do so between April and October. 

Protect Your Trees 

Maintaining your trees’ health will allow them to grow throughout the summer months. By following the above steps in conjunction, you’ll be able to protect them from insects and diseases. All gardeners can benefit from a basic understanding of how proper fertilization and watering prevent trees from succumbing to low-temperature ailments. Don’t forget that all plants require good care to reach their full potential for success, so take a moment to learn more about the things you can do to protect these plants from summer’s extreme temperatures. If you need a stump removal service or tree service company to help your plants, reach out to Tree Services Manhattan today.

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