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Why Is My Spotify Account Hacked? How Can I Secure It?

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In the recent past, making a music collection was quite hard. Assembling your favorite songs would take ages.  Today music has evolved new digital music streaming platforms like Spotify provide exclusive services. The app cherry-picks recommendation and makes all your favorite music in one playlist. Spotify learns the user’s taste of music by watching and learning; once it gets the type of music and artists, it will automatically compose a playlist just for you.   The app promotes artists and musicians, providing a platform to meet and interact with a large fan base—no more radio advertisement or magazines to promote your new album.

Artists have different ways to expand and earn followers, keeping their accounts active to attract more audience.  They can buy Spotify playlist followers, which is a great way to improve the Spotify account. Spotify listeners get to enjoy all kinds of music, which they can make their playlist or automatically composed by the Spotify app.  The app provides non-stop music according to your taste, frequently changing the playlist for you to enjoy. However, the joy can be short-lived today technology has the power to access any account.  Hackers can access your account and manipulate your playlist or even lock you out of your account.

Recently many Spotify premium users have reported about account hacking; they cannot access their accounts.  Hackers can shuffle songs as you listen or even add or remove songs since they control power. The act is devastating to many users. Spotify app is, however, working to ensure safety for all and also providing guidelines for users to avoid such scenarios.

Why and how does Spotify hacking happen?

The Spotify premium users mostly report the hacking issue. The reports are different according to which part of your account is affected.  Hackers are targeting the Spotify playlist, where they delete or add their music. For advanced cases, the hacker locks out the user by changing their login details.  The hacker has the power to listen from your account in free mode while you still access your playlist.

The worst part of being lockout is the bank details are still linked to the user’s Spotify account.  After the premium services, the hacker can still access the account for free. These leaves the account user with no choice or hope of getting the account back.  Spotify only allows users one stream at a time; if the account is hacked, it hard for the user to play any favorite music as they have to use hackers’ choice of music.

The acts go against Spotify policies, as Spotify’s main aim is to provide exquisite music to everyone. The app wants to make the world a better place using user music preference. To help everyone enjoy music anytime, anywhere.

Why is hacking happening in Spotify?

  • The hacked accounts are used to rack up thousands of listens for obscure albums of DJ mixes.
  • Its note that Spotify has many independent artists who have music on the platform without labels. Some of these artists are using the opportunity to rack up their music by having different streams to make revenue. They use hacked premium accounts to stream music, which is illegal according to the platform.

How to secure your Spotify account?

  • Spotify advises users not to reuse passwords over multiple sites; the password might be exposed in any location. These can land in the wrong hands who won’t just access Spotify but other crucial bank information.
  • Have a good password locker, and also use a strong password to keep the account safe.
  • Always use a secure website when opening your accounts to avoid password and email id being exposed to the internet.
  • Users can adapt to the multi-factor authentication process to ensure the account confirms whether you need to log in.
  • Ensure to logout if you’re not using the account to keep the details safe.

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