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Anyone who is connected takes notice of the ads on their Facebook News Feed or contemplates incorporating paid social as a means to diversify a savvy marketing strategy. In today’s digital era, most are taking the initiative to invest their time in a Facebook advertising course to participate in its advertising. But is it worth the effort? Should Facebook advertising be included with each business’s digital marketing plan? There are various websites where you can check the reviews for Facebook advertising courses like

How Facebook Advertising Operates

There is a difference between paid search and paid social in that paid search assists potential customers in finding your company, while paid social assists your company in finding potential customers. Facebook advertising allows you to do this by targeting a particular audience that has an interest in the services and products that you offer. Facebook leverages the sheer wealth of information at their fingertips on each user.

Your objective is to identify what you want the Facebook ads to achieve for you. This may include encouraging users to download your app, increasing your sales, generating traffic for your site, or producing leads.

After there is a clear objective, you need to designate who will see the Facebook ads through a process called audience segmentation. This is profiling for Facebook your version of the perfect audience so the ads are displayed to those who exhibit these specific behaviors and demographics you have shown interest in. There is a vast array of custom audience parameters within this process allowing you to formulate your selection fairly specific to your needs.

Once you have an audience selected, you create ads that you would like them to see. Facebook ads, especially those on mobile devices, align with how visitors use Facebook and are highly visual. The performance of your Facebook ads is evaluated using analytics and data which allows you to make necessary changes for improvement.

Why Are Facebook Ads Effective?

Overall, Facebook offers a worldwide audience of approximately a billion users which is nearly a fifth of the Earth’s population. Facebook’s market penetration can’t be matched by any other social platform, and the accomplishment was achieved in record time with its inception being just 2004.

The larger the Facebook audience is, the more potential prospects there are for advertisers to target. The focus with paid social, unlike traditional advertising schemes, is on locating the right consumers, not the quantity. This concept is the exact opposite of mediums such as radio and television advertising.

A larger user base within Facebook is going to bring an audience with a greater demographic, vast personal interests, extended purchasing behavior, wider range of life events, and a multitude of other criteria allowing for enhanced ROI for Facebook advertising.

Facebook provides among the largest user base to be mobile exclusive of any throughout the world. A vast majority of Facebook’s users never gain access via the desktop. Facebook has continued to strongly align with the ever-evolving media consumption habits and the consumer’s adoption of technology, thus their incorporation into mobile devices.

Is Facebook Advertising Worth It?

With a new advertising campaign, there are many elements that an advertiser has to take into consideration as far as its reach, the creativity of the ads, and many times it comes down to pricing. Read more here about costs and Facebook advertising. Facebook is fortunately among the least costly advertising mediums on the market. You actually may be losing money each day by not advertising on Facebook. That, as well as these many benefits, will show you why Facebook advertising is well worth your time, effort, and money.

  • A large majority of all internet users are on Facebook with a great percentage of the 65+ population indulging. Most users check their pages multiple times each day. This makes an optimal benefit of Facebook ads the fact that your consumers will be using it every day.
  • Facebook advertising is among the cheapest advertising campaigns where you can spend $5 to reach 1000 customers. For a TV commercial or radio ad or a billboard, there would be significantly more costly for the same reach.
  • Facebook advertising drives results immediately.
  • Facebook advertising can elevate traffic to your website by allowing you to run a click campaign to send your target audience to your website. They offer a cost-effective, precise approach making it a more beneficial resource than others to increase website traffic.
  • Facebook advertising has the potential to drive sales, revenue, and leads, but it’s not easy. This process takes time, effort, and experience. There is the possibility of wasting a large amount of money only to see no return on your investment. This is why there needs to be training through coursework on Facebook advertising. Go to to read about potential mistakes that can be made if you’re new to Facebook ads.
  • Facebook advertising results are measurable. There is no need for guessing with the numbers speaking for themselves. It will be possible to see the number of clicks, impressions, and conversions. With conversions, there needs to be a conversion pixel installation on your website.
  • Facebook advertising increases consumer attribution which is the amount an audience sees the company’s brand. The more an audience interacts with a company, the more chance they are going to convert. 

To be successful, brands are turning to Facebook advertising. If you are building a network of followers, you will ultimately need to use Facebook advertising as a way to grow your community. If you post content, you are going to most likely be using promotional posts as a way to target more people. Facebook advertising is a necessity for those who are integrating a social strategy.

Facebook advertising is the most budget-friendly advertising campaign. You have control over your destiny with the ability to set a lifetime or simply a daily budget. This can be increased or decreased at leisure. This free will has the potential to hurt you in the instance that you under spend as you won’t get enough exposure. Overspending on the wrong campaign will result in a waste of a lot of money. Facebook provides the optimum in pricing with the ideal amount of exposure.

The precision of the targeting options beat that of the competition for it allows us to target website visitors, previous customers, and specific demographics. There is the added benefit of ramping up awareness, increasing touchpoints, and attributing to conversions. Not investing your time in Facebook advertising in this digital era, would be a detriment to your business.

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