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Why GPS Powered Wearables Should Be Chosen Over Other Available?

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Technology is changing and the updates are bringing out fruitful results for users. Replacing the pedometer entirely, a new generation of smartwatches, fitness trackers and other wearables are providing excellent support to monitor the fitness data and support living a healthy life. And these have replaced the years-old watches and some have even become casual-formal dress code (for example, fitness bands). 

The New Era of Wearables: Take Your Fitness Goals to Next Level

The industry of wearables is estimated to reach 56.8 billion U.S. dollars by 2025 and one of the reasons behind this is the increasing popularity of smartwatches and other gadgets that help track fitness. Wearables belonging to different categories (eyewear, headgears and more) are yet not exposed on a wider platform while smartwatches and other fitness trackers are becoming popular all over the world.

Apple has maintained its place by being the top vendor of wearable technology worldwide while Xiomi stands at the second place. 

Fitness Trackers and Smartwatches: How They Promise Accurate Results

To understand how these fitness trackers actually track the progress of users, it becomes necessary to understand the technology powering it. The functions offered through them include step counter, heart rate measuring, distance traveled, exercise monitoring, burnt calorie count, and many more. But many users are wondering how does it track all such activities? 

The technology experts of the fitness tracking industry revealed that through the embedded sensors, these devices can continuously track the activities and provide complete details from measuring their body conditions (heart rate) and distance traveled. Primarily designed for highly accurate results for athletes, fitness trackers are now becoming one of the sizzling trends of the technology market worldwide.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is one of the essential sensors that gets embedded in these systems to receive the required results. GPS connects with the satellites available in the sky to monitor and collect the data that later helps not only in tracking the device’s location but can also monitor the activities and its intensity (number of step counts).

GPS is not the only one working here. Some companies also prefer using Russia’s GLONASS that is an alternative to GPS but is more accurate than it.

While GPS can sometimes give errors (less than a percent(<1%)), this system can ensure more promising outputs. While GPS is popularly used in mobile apps requiring users’ location data, e.g., uber clone and other ride-sharing apps and more, GLONASS actually consumes more power than GPS and is not popular. These sensors are not measured on their accuracy but battery usage is also considered when choosing to add them in the device and it is the primary reason behind the increasing popularity of GPS enabled devices.

Why Choose GPS Powered Wearables?

If you are an athlete wanting to record your daily workouts and activities, i.e., data of running, jogging or intense cycling workouts you do, choosing a GPS powered wearable becomes mandatory. The GPS sensor uses the triangulation method to accurately predict the runner’s pace, performance and distance traveled. 

This provides crystal clear insights into the workout done. Using GPS technology, it efficiently stores and provides records on the workouts and helps fulfill the fitness goals. Moreover, using barometric measures, these devices can measure the elevation through the continuous pressure changes and helps increase the efficiency of final outputs. Also, the GPS signals are very powerful and hence, the chances of error occurrence are very less and the accuracy is increased to a great extent.

Moreover, the benefits offered by these fitness devices does not limit itself to only measuring the health and workout data. Instead, they are also inclined towards ensuring the security of their users.

Child Safety

The next-generation wearables are developed with keeping children’s safety in mind. The GPS embedded within the wearable helps deliver the exact coordinates where the user is located and hence, parents can use the information received through their connected phones to keep an eye on them. Moreover, the same technology can be used for taking care of their pets or elder citizens.

The wearables are now also including the SOS button to let the child connect/call their parents right away and this functionality is one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of wearables.

Easily Available

The developing world of today has been offering excellent services to users without having to move a muscle. And the same can be said in the case of wearables also. The internet and smartphones have taken over the world by storm and using the eCommerce websites and mobile apps, it has become easier to purchase anything from any corner of the world and the purchased item directly reaches the doorstep of buyers. 

Wearables are easily available on online websites or Ecommerce apps and users can purchase them from any corner. Providing excellent delivery of the goods ordered by the customers, leading market retailers are also earning profits from this online platform. The frequent discounts and special offers on the items sold online are some added perks for making the lucrative offers to users and increase sales and it benefits users too.

Attractive Features and Enhanced Functionalities

The fitness trackers and GPS smartwatches do not stop at just tracking steps and providing workout updates. The features of finding the connected device (smartphones), instant notifications, answering or silencing calls, monitoring sleep, answering texts and more are also attracting more users to start using them.

This has redefined the way most of our world worked and hence, the users are now inclined towards the use of it. Moreover, encouraging users to meet their set fitness goals, some of the trackers also connect to the social media connections of users and enable them to challenge them or set goals that ultimately benefit them by helping them stretch their limits a bit more.


There are tons of companies offering their smart products at unbelievable prices. However, the accuracy of these products might differ but still, users all around the world can find their suitable match in any one of them keeping their budget and fitness goals and needs in mind. The affordability of these wearables has resulted in a rapid surge in sales and also the use of these devices is increasing exponentially.

Summing Up

The fitness tracker market is currently being led by the huge sales achievement of smartwatches and the same is predicted to follow in the future. Also, the use of these wearables is more among iOS users than any other app platforms. 

Using these GPS enabled devices, it has become easier to track and record the fitness data and maintain records. The increasing popularity of the wearable market will lead us to an era where most of the tasks will be easily completed through a band on wrists and help ensure enhanced living standards are maintained.


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