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Why Does Your Brand Need a Mobile Friendly Website in 2020? 

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Would you believe if I tell you that mobile search traffic has surpassed desktop search traffic? 

If you think it happened overnight, it did not. It gradually increased from 2016 to 2018 and now when we have reached mid-2020, we realized that mobile traffic has taken the entire Internet by storm. 

Are you wondering why it concerns me when my website is working just fine? 

Well here’s the answer to your query. You’re missing out on a great chunk of opportunity by failing to target a large part of the online audience. Desktop browsing alone contributes to 20% of the time people spend online, the rest of the time businesses spend their time online on a smartphone. 

Now imagine where your target market is & what possible steps are you taking to win their consent?

Here are all the reasons why I believe your website needs an optimized mobile site experience. 

A Mobile Optimized Website Offers Best Website Experience

When a mobile website goes live on the Internet, people think that it will offer them the same experience, the one they get when they access the website on a desktop or laptop. They want the exact user experience, the exact ease in navigation, and accessibility like the one they experienced on the laptop screen. So when you are publishing a website with a future intent to make it mobile-friendly, you should first ensure that the content which will be displayed on your website is mobile-friendly. 

You want a website design that can easily fit the vertical configuration of your phone. 

And the only way you can get such an experience is by hiring the right web design Dubai Company. A professional web design agency will ensure that your website meets all the necessary standards. 

It will also ensure that your website looks remarkably the best when it displays on mobile. 

A Mobile Optimized Website Grabs the Attention of Users

We are living in a day and age where people have relatively small attention spans. It’s one of the reasons why people keep on shifting their choices from one particular brand to another. 

It’s a reality that we cannot escape. In today’s world, if a website fails to load up under 3 seconds, it eventually fails to fulfill its purpose. And that’s one of the reasons why you should ensure your website is responsive on mobile devices. Also, at the same time, a website that easily pops open on a smartphone without any hassle provides the ultimate freedom to a user so he can explore the site. 

A Mobile Optimized Website Provides Increased Conversions

Having a sleeker design that works wonderfully across a range of devices sends a promising message to its respective users. It helps create the perfect element of trust, increase brand value, and create the right awareness among your respective target audience. Plus, a mobile-optimized website also offers you quite an enjoyable experience which altogether contributes to the success of your site. 

With the COVID 19 on the rise, people are now relying more on making online purchases than they usually used to. And while doing so, there’s a common perception that people want websites that load faster than the rest. It is not anymore a demand but more of an expectation which they want to be met. Good websites that load faster than the rest provides a better conversion ratio from the rest.

A Mobile Optimized Website Brings Better Sales Than the Rest

Another great benefit of having a mobile-optimized website is that it brings big buyers to your doorstep. There’s no denying that the desktop is a powerful platform through which people make most of their online purchases; however, this perception has significantly changed as more and more people have decided to use smartphones to make online purchases. They have decided as such because smartphones allow consumers to get a better overview of brands and make informed decisions. We are living in an age of technology and information which allows users to put aside second guesses. They are now capable of making decisions that are solely based on observations. 

When people associate with your brand, they are eventually more connected to what you offer. They know your business values, understand how you’re benefiting them and how you are unique from rest. 

By understanding your unique selling points (USPs), they are very much acquainted with your offers. 

In a Nutshell

A mobile-optimized website is the present need of the market. 

We are a world filled with mobile users who are actively interacting with one another using smartphones. And with that said, many out there are now accessing different websites on the Internet using their smartphones. So when they visit a particular website, they use a 6-inch small vertical screen in which they expect everything to easily fit into. As a website designer, it is your responsibility to create a site that offers the best experience to the visitors though they are signed in from a laptop or a mobile. An optimized website will work best in both ways.

Author Bio: Muneeb Qadar is a leading web designer working as a team lead at Branex, a highly reputed web design company based in Dubai. He is an accomplished designer when it comes to crafting websites that are designed exquisitely. He works hard and invests time to gain knowledge and expertise about how to design websites that can attract the audiences. If you need any assistance in designing your own website, you can contact him without any hesitation. Connect him on Facebook and LinkedIn


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