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Why Aged Care Workers In Australia Require Police Checks

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In Australia, aged people are considered part of a vulnerable group of people which means that they are individuals that are susceptible to harm or exploitation very easily. This is often because they are in the later stages of life and may unfortunately be struck by sickness, and so they rely on others around them to look after their health and all their other needs. In such a situation, there may be certain malicious individuals out there that seek to take advantage of the elderly.

Under the guise of building a relationship of care and trust, their motives may be to manipulate, harm, and exploit the very people they are in charge of the treatment and care of. To weed such individuals out, when you are hiring for your company that has the elderly as their beneficiaries, you must make sure that vulnerable persons such as the elderly will be safe from any harm from such individuals.

The families of the elderly leave their loved ones in your care and it is your job to ensure that they never have reason to worry or suspect that their beloved may be being exposed to harmful situations.

How police checks can help your company?

Running the names of applicants through police databases can help you uncover any criminal history that the aged care work applicant may have been trying to hide from you. Without doing so, you would have no way of finding out if the worker can potentially be a risk to the aged people they are looking after, because seemingly, they may be a nice enough person that seems to be friendly and gets along with their colleagues and the people in their care. However, upon deeper investigation, you may find that they have a felony or misdemeanor charges brought against them for which they were convicted.

Not only does that risk the safety of the people in your care, but it also can put you at risk for legal action that the families of the loved ones may decide to take. Police checks will also uncover any charges that may not have turned into convictions but that you would still be better off knowing about so that you can keep a close eye on the activities and behaviors that your aged care workers engage in while on the job.

Your job is to ensure the families of the elderly that you take the utmost care in making sure that their loved ones are safe. You must make sure to take every precaution to keep the aged people out of harm’s way. Especially in the case of workers that have unsupervised access to the elderly, it is crucial to make sure they are screened to be safe enough to engage and interact with the aged people under care or treatment. According to the Australian Aged Care Act 1997, no persons convicted of murder, sexual assault, or assault, should be permitted to work in proximity of groups of vulnerable people such as the aged. Doing so will only help you ensure people under the care of your company are safe from harm and their families can have peace of mind.

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