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Why a Keto Diet is the Best Way to Lose Weight?

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If you look at keto diet for weight loss, it was first developed in the 1920s for children that had epilepsy. Since then it has undergone a dramatic change and an increase in popularity. You only need to look at the number of celebrities and influencers that are advocating this powerful diet and scoffing down keto protein powder. But is it the one for weight loss? Let’s find out more.

What is a keto diet composed of?

The body uses up whatever energy sources are most easily available. This is normally sugar in the form of glucose, converted from carbs. If you limit the number of carbs you consume and replace it with fat, your body will be forced to use the fat from food or fat that is stored up in your body as energy instead. This is the process known as ketosis and is much the same as in the popular 1980s Atkins diet.

Is it going to help you lose weight?

Everybody out there is wondering, “is the keto diet good for weight loss?” A lot of research has shown that the keto diet is an excellent way of inducing weight loss as your body loses weight partly from fat and water loss. However, you’ve got to be careful because if you eat more calories from fat as a result then it will be stored as fat. You also need to stick with it long enough for ketosis to occur.

Is going on a keto diet safe?

In general, research has shown that this type of diet is much better when compared to other famous low-fat types. One of the key benefits is that you will feel very full so you don’t carry on eating more and more food. It doesn’t force you to count the calories either because of the efficiency of calorie-burning through ketosis.

Many foods contain carbohydrates very high in fiber which is an important thing for the body. If you’re going to try this diet, make sure you get enough fiber from various low-carb vegetables. When going on a keto diet plan for weight loss, you’re also probably not going to consume many starchy vegetables, so make sure you get your phytochemicals and vitamins from leafy greens. We would also recommend that if you’re looking to try the keto diet for heart health, consume less red meat and processed food.

Research on this diet points to its ability to help people lose weight. Participants in studies have typically lost double the weight when compared with going on calorie-restricted plans. Even the National Centre for Biotechnology Information has found that people on keto typically lose three times the weight compared to when they’re on plans that have been recommended by diabetes UK! Not only is this diet safe but it also works wonders for the body – as you lose weight, you will also slow down the development of spots and acne, see an increase in brain function and reduce the likelihood of developing certain cancers. You can have your cake and eat it too!


Not only can you lose weight safely but there are many keto diet health benefits that come from losing weight. Just make sure that you stick at it if you’re going to get the full benefits as it is a diet that works best if applied over time. Pretty soon you’ll notice the pounds drop and your health improve. You can also push it a little further and start working out, Crossfit machines are ideal for that because they provide a full-body workout, you can read up about it here:

Have you ever tried keto? We’d love to hear about your experiences. Please tell us in the comments section below.

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