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Why A Cigarette Holder Is A Great Addition To Your Smoking Kit

Cigarette Holder

If you spend some time watching classic movies, you’ll quickly realize that almost everyone is smoking all of the time. But you’ll probably also take note of the appearance of cigarette holders, which became something of a symbol for the 1920s. While their use actually dates all the way back to the 1700s, you won’t find too many people using them today. 

However, if you like to keep your hands clean and want to add a bit of style to your smoking experience, picking up a cigarette holder is a smart choice. Plus, these ensure you can happily enjoy your cigarette as it burns right to the tip without the fear of hurting yourself.

Here, we take a look at some of the main reasons why more people are adding both new and vintage cigarette holders to their smoking kits.

Reduce odor and finger stains

Nicotine stains are one of the worst things about smoking cigarettes. These ugly yellow marks on your fingers usually stand out pretty clearly and are tough to get rid of once they appear on your hands. But if you swap to using a long cigarette holder, you’ll find that your fingers and nails are impacted far less by your smoking habit. Plus, you can more easily hold your cigarette away from your face, ensuring you don’t get that pungent, smoky odor stuck in your hair. 

Save your teeth

Alongside the strong smell that cigarettes leave behind, many people find that their teeth become quite stained. Fortunately, cigarette holders are particularly effective at keeping them whiter as your teeth won’t come directly into contact with the cigarette itself. Meanwhile, as cigarette holders keep your smoke snugly in place, you won’t find the paper getting stuck to your lips and tearing.

Choose the right holder

If you’re thinking about buying a cigarette holder, you have to consider the size of your smokes. As there are several different diameters of cigarettes available today – from standard and super slim to hand-rolled – you need the matching holder for it to stay in place properly. Meanwhile, you’ll also have to decide whether you want a cigarette holder with a filter chamber, which helps to contain both smoke and tar.

Don’t forget to clean

It’s no secret that cigarettes can cause a build-up of ash and tar, but this is especially true when it comes to using a cigarette holder. This is why it’s important that you clean your piece regularly. If you’re unsure whether your cigarette holder needs a clean, have a look through the middle to see if there’s anything blocking the way. You might also find that you’re having trouble using it to smoke because it’s become so overloaded with gunk. Give it a good flush with clean water once a week and you won’t have any problems.

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