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What You Should Know About File Sharing

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What You Should Know About File Sharing

In the not so distant past, file sharing was considered “groundbreaking” technology. However, the use of the cloud to collaborate on projects, share files, and more has now become the cornerstone of many workflows across virtually all industries. However, just like anything else, there is a right and a wrong way to navigate the realm of file sharing, and implementing a few of the file-sharing tips can help to take your file-sharing capabilities to a new level.

Are you ready to improve your file-sharing game? Regardless of if you are sharing files for work or just want to know how to torrent on a Chromebook, the tips here will help you achieve the goals you have.

Plan the Shared File Structure

Today, it seems as though there are no two people who organize their files the same. For personal files that are stored on a local device, that is fine. However, when it comes to building and sharing folders and files, it can get messy and confusing quickly if you do not plan the shared structure ahead of time.

Any inconsistencies in folder structures or file names can limit your overall productivity. Just think about it – if you are having to constantly search for things you will not be very productive or efficient.

Some best practices that you can follow include:

  • Keep things simple
  • Be consistent
  • Be clear

By doing this, you can feel confident that things will not get confusing or messy when sharing files.

Create an Effective Naming Convention

While this was mentioned above, creating a quality and effective naming convention is crucial, which means it deserves its own detailed section. If you leave people to their own devices, they will go back to naming files in what way makes sense for their needs, which is usually not the best method for bigger organizations.

Some best practices to use include:

  • Name files based on their function
  • Be selective about the information shared in file names
  • Be consistent once you use a naming convention
  • Make sure you are clear with your naming convention

Make it Easier to Find Things

Implementing a well-thought-out and thorough file structure and naming convention will help you find the files you need much faster. However, there are several platforms that offer other tools, as well, such as file tagging. This is going to make finding the right file even faster and easier. Be sure you look for this and take advantage of these types of organizational tools when you can.

Some best practices you can use for this include:

  • Make sure everyone knows about the tools you are using
  • Create a plan regarding how you are going to tag files

Collaborating Effectively

A huge advantage offered by cloud-based file sharing and storage platforms is that it provides your team with new ways to collaborate with each other. Collaboration helps to open all types of doors and makes it possible to connect with experts and team members outside the organization, regardless of where they are located in the world.

Some best practices to use include:

  • Remain online
  • Limit the access to the shared files
  • Remember you have options that make the management of collaborative documents simple

Take some time to consider how you collaborate now to find a solution that works well for your entire team.


Remember, not every member of a team will require access to every file. If you want to keep your files secure and prevent accidental mistakes or edits, then create a system that will define and limit who has access to certain files and documents.

When it comes to file sharing, there are several tips that can help. Use the information here to create a file-sharing plan that works for you, your team, and your business. In the end, with these tips, you will find that your file-sharing efforts are much more successful. Being informed is the best way to ensure that your file-sharing efforts are successful.

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