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What Will Be The Best Tech Product Launching Strategy

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So, you created a killer product that can change the world forever. Now, you just need people to purchase it. Here you will learn the strategies used in Launching a new product by some of the best and most renowned tech giants in the world. If you can stick to these tactics by the letter, then you’ll reach the tallest heights of success.

The greatest mobile app development companies release new products in the market almost regularly. However, even those renowned brands hit rock bottom at times because not every product has the power to be immensely successful. Sometimes, the product’s capabilities are at fault, and at other moments, the launching strategies aren’t perfect. You created an excellent tech product that you know can change the world profoundly, but it can fail if you don’t release it the right way. So, what can you do? What strategies should you follow to make everyone go crazy for your product?

Did you know? Market researchers[1] say that only around 40% of the developed products reach the market. Of that 40 %, only 60% will be able to generate revenue. It goes without saying that product-launch is a risky task. However, the risks associated with Launching a new product are the ones that make the undertaking much more exciting.

You probably know that the company Apple reached legendary status when it comes to product launches. Just take the iPad for instance. Customers bought around 300,000+ units of this gadget’s Wi-Fi-only version on the day it hit the market. Similarly, within three days, the iPhone 4 went viral and the company managed to sell around 1.7 million units of the device. Also, the iPhone 3G sold over 1 million units on its weekend launch.

The co-founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, knew how to launch a product. While he’s no longer in the mortal world to give lessons to protégés, his tactics are popular enough. If you aren’t aware of them, then you should read this topic. Here you will learn the best strategies of all time that will make all your product launches wildly successful.

  1. Prioritize your buyers and not the product: If you ever heard Steve Jobs addressing the people in press conferences or events, then you probably noticed something surprising. He never talked about the products that his company creates. He knew that people don’t care about the features and specialties of the gadget.

He also knew that those who wanted to learn more about the device could simply visit the official website of the company. He only talked about how the product will affect the buyer. You need to do the same. You should tell them how the technologically enhanced product that you created will ease the lives of your buyers.

Your customers don’t want to know anything about the features of the product because they will know it once they buy it. You just need to keep things simple, productive, and stylish and make your customers understand the fact that the combination of these features is precisely what would make their lives better.

  1. Bring think-tanks onboard: Apple always brought bloggers and other brainy people onboard right before they undertook a tech product launching venture. They still do the same. However, the only thing that made them special is the fact that they got their thought leaders to discuss the product months before even a demo appeared.

They only had blind conjectures to share with readers and they never disclosed anything about the specialties of the product. While everyone knows that Apple will surely release something that people “need,” you can rely on this approach even if you don’t have a colorful history.

You aren’t popular or influential enough to force news media to try and dissect and reach a concrete conclusion about what you’re going to bring to the market. However, you can use your blog page and ask guest bloggers to manipulate the minds of clients and customers through conjectures.

  1. From formal to informal: When large companies like Apple are about to release something, they don’t talk about it through press releases or resort to other formal strategies. Instead, they convert a formal launch into an event that seems more like a party than anything else.

They even close their online stores as if there’s an international holiday or something. This act forces customers to wonder what they’re up to! As the manager of your company, you need to take the center stage and frame plans as to where to launch a product.

You can do it at your online store or brick-and-mortar shops. No matter what you do, you must assume the role of a trickster, a magician, or a mentalist who’s about to show a mind-blowing trick. This strategy indeed works like magic.

  1. Showing off: The image of your brand is crucial to your success. The largest companies know it and you need to acknowledge it too. Your branding will let customers guess that whatever you release will be aesthetically pleasing and technologically groundbreaking.

They will know that it’s the Best tech product that they used in a while and it’s an eye-catcher. Showing off is important in today’s world where everyone is after appearances and not capabilities. If those large companies can do it with simple approaches, you too can do the same.

However, you’re at risk of the pitfalls associated with launching new products just as Apple, Samsung, or any other renowned name. So, be wary of those pitfalls.

  1. Allow customers to pre-order: Any software development company that the whole world bows down to always allows its clients to pre-order the product. World-recognized tech companies stick to the same approach. Unfortunately, most business owners tend to overlook this strategy.

If you’re one of those companies that experience a surge of buyers at their doorstep as soon as they release something, then why should you keep them waiting? You shouldn’t hesitate to let your purchases place orders in advance long before the product hits the stores.

  1. Be suspenseful: As opposed to the previous strategy, you need to draw out the suspense for as long as you can. Secrecy is the key to success in the tech business, and Apple makes the best use of it. You should do everything within your power to keep your new product a secret.

Apple denied having any information about it when some bloggers wrote about a late prototype model of the iPhone 4. As soon as those bloggers made some of the details public, the company filed a case against them and set an example that they will deter future leaks about other products.

You should do the same. You must be deliberate and release as few details as it’s possible for you. The shroud of mystery that covers your product will drive your customers crazy.

Create a Revolution

Of course, Steve Jobs was a legendary individual. No one would be able to wear his skin ever again. However, the path laid out by him is open to every business company. Whenever he climbed the stairs of the stage, the whole world would wait with their respiratory systems temporarily shut down. If you have the power to change the world, then you have to showcase it. You obviously don’t have the reach that Apple does. Nevertheless, you now know what you have to do to be a revolutionary. So, get out there and change the world with your new tech product.




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