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What Type Of Custom Portraits Are The Most Popular?

Wedding Portrait

Custom portrait painting or portraiture is a genre of art where a specific subject is represented in painting. The subject typically referred to as a “sitter,” would traditionally sit in front of the artist to get their portrait painted. These days, however, the traditional sitting arrangement is no longer a prerequisite because artists can paint custom portraits from photos. 

When painting a portrait, the artist aims to capture the subject’s appearance and some other elements of their character. Sometimes, custom portraits can convey messages which may either be direct and obvious or indirectly implied through a facial expression or pose or even the artist’s preferred color scheme.

Portraits often serve as memorabilia, a medium for immortalizing images and moments on canvas. Additionally, custom portraits add a touch of personality to whatever space they’re brought into, making them very popular. In this article, let’s look at some of the most popular types of portrait painting. 

Wedding Portraits

Capturing the day’s passion, romance, and excitement is essential for any wedding. A powerful wedding portrait can stir emotions and recall vivid memories of the couple’s nuptials. It becomes a keepsake that can be revisited with fondness, and in some cases, the value graduates into more of an heirloom in the family. 

Custom wedding paintings may be achieved by a live painting arrangement where the artist is onsite at the wedding to capture the scene live or by converting photos to paintings. In the latter, the painter doesn’t need to be attending the ceremony; they are simply handed photos of the event to paint from. 

Instead of editing photographs that may appear artificial, wedding portraits may be customized in numerous ways depending on the couple’s imagination and the artist’s skill set. The style, mood, setting, and general ambiance can be painted to better suit the couple’s preferences with several additions or subtractions from the original scene. 

Many individuals are catching on to this trend of turning what is widely considered one of the happiest days in a person’s life into works of art. They can be given gifts to the couple’s families and friends or kept as memorabilia by the couples themselves. 

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Most pet owners do not regard their furry (or otherwise) friends as mere animals; they’re more or less considered members of the family. Having their own personalities and holding sweet spots in the lives of their humans, pet portraits help us further bond with and honor our animal friends.

Some people have custom portraits of their deceased pets as a medium to memorialize and feel connected to their beloved animals; others simply enjoy having personalized art depicting their favorite companions. Whichever the case, a pet portrait expresses deep sentiment and the animal’s personality. 

Pet owners typically have pictures of their pets; this is an excellent place to start. It may be challenging to hold the animal’s attention long enough or keep it still enough for the artist to do their work, so it is usually better to provide artists with photo references to paint. The portraits may be customized to reflect the pets’ unique personalities, and their favorite things may also be included. 

These custom portraits bring warmth into the home and make a clear statement to guests that the household pet(s) are as much family members as the humans are. 

Family Portraits

Family Portraits

The family unit is an essential foundational structure within any given society; it forms the bedrock on which individuals are shaped. Consequently, the relationships formed in families are expected to be some of the most intimate in a person’s life. 

Understanding the sheer significance of families gives insight into why family portraits are considered some of the most popular types of custom painting. The concept initially developed in ancient times to signify the social status of a clan, with only the nobility having portraits of their families painted. These days, family portraits provide a means of capturing the true essence of love and unity. 

Although a general idea comes to mind when “family” is mentioned, each unit is quite different, and a person may define their family differently from the next. Therefore, family portraits capture the uniqueness of each member and the entire family as a whole. These reflect the nuances that contribute to the distinctiveness of each household. 

Family portraits mostly remain in the family; they can be seen gracing the walls of several homes. They can also be gifted as keepsakes to individual members of the household. 

Individual Portraits

Individual Portraits

An individual portrait is more a less like a selfie; it is the picture of an individual rendered in art. Traditionally, individuals who wanted their portraits painted had to sit still in various poses and wear different expressions for artists to capture them on canvas. However, a person may simply send the artist a picture or pictures to paint from in modern times.

Under this type of portraiture, we also have self-portraits. A self-portrait is an artistic portrayal of an artist that the artist creates. The trend became popular during the Early Renaissance era in the mid-15th century when artists frequently depicted themselves as the main subject or key figures in their art.

People have always enjoyed looking at themselves, whether by looking at their reflections as they walk past a reflective glass or searching for themselves in group photographs. It is this love that continues to fuel the popularity of individual portraits. 


Brilliant art pieces are usually the objects of admiration and awe, and in fact, it seems they add a layer of grandeur when the art subjects view them. People will always value masterpieces of themselves and those dear to their hearts because it goes beyond mere appreciation of great skill to resonate with them. As a result, custom portrait paintings will remain a relevant trend.

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