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What Should You Know Before Shipping a Car and Your Belongings Together?

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When you have to move to another part of the country, consider all your shipping and moving options carefully. While there are specialized movers for your belongings and dedicated shipping companies that transport your vehicles, you might wonder if you can ship them together, all at once.

Because you’ll be traveling rather quickly to your destination, securing personal goods during transport is key so they don’t fall about the car and potentially harm it. Commercial movers recommend putting your belongings in duffle bags, or boxes and then making sure they’re secured and won’t move around freely.

At the outset, shipping a car and belongings together might appear to be a more accessible and cost-effective option. But, if you look closely, there’s a little more to it. So before you plan to ship everything together, here are a few things you might need to consider.

The Safety of Your Vehicle

Furniture movers can and do haul personal vehicles along with household items. But will your vehicle be safe enough during the transit? Movers do not have the expertise that professional car shipping companies have in hauling cars across long distances. They do not have specialized equipment either.

On the other hand, a car shipping company can handle your vehicle effortlessly. They have full-length trucks and trailers to carry your cars. They provide enough protection to prevent your car from accidental scratches or dents.

Thus, you can rely on shipping providers, but you cannot be sure about furniture movers.

Shipping Charges

You might assume that shipping a car and your belongings together will cost you less. But that is not always the case. Companies that are involved in transporting personal belongings often charge you based on weight. In the case of a car as well, they will consider the weight and charge you a hefty sum. These charges could be on the higher side.

On the contrary, car shipping companies will charge you for the specialized services they provide. In exchange for the fees you pay to a car shipper, you will be assured that your car will reach the desired destination safely and on time. Therefore, you get value for money. Getting great value shipping quotes is easy on Shiply USA with absolutely cheap rates too!

Availability of Insurance Coverage

Cars are valuable assets. When you ship your vehicles over long distances, you should opt for insurance coverage. If you are planning to move your car and your belongings, you might not have the option to insure your vehicle against accidental damage. So, you may even end up having to pay for the repairs if an accident occurs.

In this case, a professional car shipping company seems to be a better option. Most shippers provide insurance covers against damage to your cars during transportation. Thus, even if your car suffers minor or significant damage, you will not be at a loss.

You might also have thought about stuffing your car with personal belongings before handing it over to a car shipping company. That would also cause you more trouble than convenience. Car transporters have strict policies.

While some companies might allow a specific loading limit, others may not. There could also be chances of theft of your belongings while your car is parked. Besides, the interior of your vehicle might get damaged if you pack too much into it.

After you weigh all the options against one another, you can take an informed call on shipping your belongings and cars together or separately.

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