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What Should Be Included In An EV Warranty Policy?

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After the recent COP 26 summit in Glasgow, going green and saving our planet feels extremely pertinent. The recent increase in electric vehicle sales has demonstrated our nationwide effort to make travel more environmentally friendly. If you wanted an electric car back in 2019, your only option would be to buy a new one. Thanks to the intricate technology used in electric vehicles, they are typically more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterpart. Whilst buying a new electric vehicle might be expensive, you can now buy a used one for a reduced price.

It is a well-known fact that the parts installed in electric vehicles are expensive to replace. Buying a used electric car would suggest it has clocked up miles and its parts have had some wear – so you do right to be cautious. However, electric vehicle warranties offer reassurance for anyone buying an electric vehicle both old and new. So, to give you peace of mind, here is what should get included in an electric vehicle warranty policy.


Batteries are arguably the most expensive part of an electric vehicle to replace. As the battery is the difference between your electric vehicle working and not working, you need to ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong. As batteries are so expensive to replace, companies haven’t always included battery replacement in their warranty. However, as used electric cars are getting more popular, more companies are including them in their policy. Be mindful of this and ensure the warranty you’re getting covers everything you need.


As we know, electric vehicles need charging up before use. Therefore, if something was to go wrong with your charger or charging port – you’d be in trouble. There is more to it than just a charger. Your charger controls how much energy flows into your vehicle and at what speed. So, if something were to go wrong, it’s a complex problem to solve. Therefore, ensure you’re covered and choose an electric vehicle warranty that covers all things charging.


Thankfully, electric vehicle motors are robust pieces of equipment that should encounter an issue. Thanks to this, most electric vehicle warranties cover motor issues no questions asked. However, as a motor is so integral to the running of your electric vehicle, your warranty must cover it. So, make sure you check what your warranty covers before you start driving.

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