What Lock Types Suit Your Purpose? Let Your Locksmith Grange Tell You!

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If you’re looking for a change of locks for your house, you’ll come across different types of locks. The current market has a variety of locks that looks not only odd, but it’s even hard to figure out their usage. If you face a similar issue, then this short guide is your way out. We’ll be discussing a different variety of locks:

1. Padlocks

Padlocks are the most well-known and only type of portable lock. They are either be keyed or a combination. These locks are used mostly for transportable things and shutter locks. They are highly vulnerable and susceptible to breaking.

2. Knob Lock

Knob locks are the most common locks in residential houses on both internal and external doors. They have cylindrical input on one side and a rotating knob on the other side. They can break easily by a brute force attack and are highly prone to lock picking and shimming.

3. Deadbolt

Deadbolt is the most common lock used at the entrance door of the residential houses. It consists of a rotating cylinder that drives a bolt into the door frame, and it can only be retracted by rotating the cylinder again. They are resilient to brute force attack and shimming, but fall prey to lock picking.

4. Lever Handle Lock

Lever Handle Lock can be found on the internal door of a commercial building. They employ the same mechanism as that of the knob lock, but their level shaped design is easier to use in a business setting. They have a key cylinder on one side and a lever on the other that retracts the lock. They are prone to lock picking and torque-force attack.   

5. Cam Lock

Cam locks are low-security locks used in cabinets and boxes. They employ a simple metal tailpiece called “cam”. A key is used to rotate the cam in and out of its allocated slot. They are extremely easy to pick.

6. Mortise Lock

Mortise Lock uses two different types of lock combinations. It includes a non-locking sprung latch controlled by a level and a deadbolt. It requires a pocket, or mortise, to be cut into furniture or door for its fitting. It’s a dual-action lock and is more secure than the other options on this list.

7. Euro Profile Cylinder

These locks are most commonly found in residential homes in Europe and Asia. They can be single cylindered, double cylindered, or a single-cylinder with a thumb turn. The cylindrical side of the lock utilizes a key to open, and the other side has a thumb turner.

8. Electrical Locks

Electrical locks include keypad locks and card locks. They employ the usage of different electrical circuits, and only the correct input can turn the bolt. They are more secure than traditional locks.

Locksmith Grange

After familiarizing yourself with the different types of lock, you’re now aware of exactly what kind of lock you need. The most efficient and very helpful way of acquiring and installing these locks is to contact your local locksmith.

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