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What It’s Like to Be a Social Media Manager

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If you are running a business on one or several SM platforms, then you are a social media manager with a hoard of responsibilities. From a copywriter to a strategist you have to be a one-man army or you can hire a manager or marketing agency for Instagram, for example. Some skills are defined by the professionals in the field if you want to work as social media manager. This article will explain all such responsibilities in detail. Make sure that you have both hard and soft skills so that you get the campaigns run without any delay and provide results to your clients. The best part of being a social media manager is that it is a never-ending process of learning. You always have to revisit your skillset and upgrade it. Always keep your responsibilities a level up and remember that your skills will impact the businesses you are managing.


Work on your hard communication skills as this is something social media platform is based on. Not only your communication should be strong with the client, but with your team as well. It will make sure that you get the results that are highly targeted, and your team knows what to do in a particular situation. Change your communication strategy as different social media platforms require different communication tools and ways. You must convey the brand voice of your client, and this is only possible if you have strong communication skills.

Writing Skills

Writing engaging posts is something that is required to engage the audience. Sparking engaging conversations is something that is very much needed and for that writing is at the core. As a social media manager, you also have to write ad content that should be engaging. Being strong at writing is something that is always required, and social media managers must know this trait to its fullest. You will be requiring writing copies for different clients, so make sure that no topic is out of your range. Solidify your writing skills, and you will get many 5-star feedbacks from your clients.


You will be in many campaigns as a social media manager, so organization is something that is highly required. Make the best use of the time and use time management tools to get the campaigns finished on time. As a manager, you will be responsible to provide end-to-end support to the clients and for that time management is one of the best ways to get through the project. Implement the best tools to automate the processes so that time is saved. Use a calendar to ensure that your campaigns remain organized and pieces are joined as required by your client.

Customer Services

Keep your clients aware of the work that is being done. Don’t leave the client alone even if the project has been finished. Provide after-sales services, and you will word of mouth marketing and referrals that will expand your business. Keep in mind that 33% of the customers want to work with businesses that provide after-sales services, so for you, it means repetitive business without any more effort. Good customer services reflect good business ethics, and that is also a client requirement.

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