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What is the Role of a Personal Injury Lawyer? 

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People tend to seek a personal injury lawyer’s services whenever they need legal representation or advice in cases such as car accidents, construction accidents, or even slip and fall accidents. To get the best out of your case, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer that is well-versed in that specific area, such as The Clark Law Office. However, many people go ahead and pick out the first name of a legal representative on a billboard or an ad and expect them to handle their case without knowing a personal injury lawyer’s role. 

The personal injury lawyer’s role depends on the type of case and the specific information revolving around the incident. However, according to Connolly Suthers – Townsville Lawyers there are general steps that need to be taken in almost all cases, including the following.

Collecting and Evaluating Evidence 

Whether you were involved in a car or construction accident, sidewalk slip, fall, or product liability case, your personal injury lawyer would first try to gather as much evidence as possible. You might have an authentic version of what exactly happened during the accident. While the lawyer would listen to your story keenly, they also need to collect enough evidence to support your claims. Sometimes an investigator would be hired to try and obtain statements from witnesses and even take photos of the various conditions that lead to the accident. They may also follow up on the police reports, and retrieve any surveillance footage and medical records from hospitals. 

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This initial stage of investigations is crucial. It’s important that you find a personal injury lawyer who’ll ensure all steps are followed to legally acquire the necessary information for your case. Most of the time, there aren’t any fees involved at this stage, with the firm’s initial costs at their own expense and are only paid back to them when the case proves to be successful. 

Handling Insurance Companies 

Another essential job description of a personal injury lawyer is to negotiate with insurance companies. Usually, whenever an insurance company receives notice of any claim, they tend to carry out their own investigations using their trusted specialists. They would then reach out to the Plaintiff’s counsel to discuss the terms of the claim. Once you get yourself a personal injury lawyer, the insurance company or law firm representing them would be prohibited from reaching out to you because all communication is supposed to go through your lawyer. It would also be your attorney’s responsibility to represent your best interests during the negotiations with the insurance company.  

Preparing and Filing Pleadings 

For your personal injury lawyer to bring up a lawsuit, they must first prepare and file a complaint with the relevant court to host your case. Once an answer is received on behalf of the defendant, the insurance company/ firm representing it, the case would then be placed into the court’s calendar. This process requires your attorney to file various pleadings and documents and serve them on the defendant(s) as well as upon the court. Once this is done, your personal injury lawyer will contact you and confirm specific information needed in the pleadings. Your attorney would create and finalize all the pleadings on your behalf.  

Represent a Client at Deposition 

A deposition can be defined as handing in sworn evidence and generally occurs before a trial. The purpose of this deposition is to have both the Plaintiff and defendant appear in a more relaxed environment as compared to the courtroom. This is usually done in a reporting office, and sworn evidence about the facts surrounding that case is provided under oath. There would come a time during your lawsuit where you’re required to appear for a deposition. Your personal injury lawyer would prepare you for that deposition and then attend to represent your best interests.  

Represent the Client at Trial 

Sometimes the case doesn’t settle during litigation due to negotiations between your attorney and the insurance company’s attorney. In such a situation, your case would be pushed to court and presented before a jury. Your personal injury lawyer should always prepare your case as though it were going to trial from the first stage of collecting evidence. When a defendant or their attorney realizes that you’re willing and more than capable of taking the case to court, they will attempt to resolve it.  

What to Learn from This? 

From the information presented in this guide, you should hire a personal injury lawyer that is willing and ready to try your case in court before a jury. Remember that a jury is made up of your peers from all walks of life and not attorneys or any legal authorities. Therefore, you need a personal injury lawyer such as The Clark Law Office to effectively relate and present your case.

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