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What Is Personal Care?

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Personal care providers can help you get through hard daily tasks with ease. These tasks may range from personal hygiene to basic first aid, that’s why most companies offer a broad range of personal care services right to your door. The care of a person also differs from one person to another so it is best to contact your service providers and your doctor, so you can explain the problem you have or may have in the future. Personal care services are also highly customizable so you can pick and choose everything. That is, a person living alone might have more personal care needs than someone who lives with their family. Most personal care services are limited to 6 hours a day.

Personal care services

These supports are made to help the individual reach their goals and help with their independence. As there are a lot of services to choose from, we have compiled a list of services provided in personal care.  NDIS support coordinators are pleased when they see people achieve their goals, but they are much more ecstatic when they watch a society undergo a significant transformation.

Personal Hygiene

This service includes anything relevant to personal hygiene such as but not limited to bathing, showering, oral hygiene, and shaving.

Bathroom Assistance

Bathroom assistance services include help with going to the toilet, menstrual care, and help with your bowel movement.

Cooking Assistance and Meal Preparation

If you are living by yourself or there is no one to cook for you, assistance with cooking may come in really useful for you.

Medication Assistance

Remembering to take any kind of medication may be laborious for some people, medication assistance ensures that you are taking your medication at the right time.

Transportation Help

Whether it be moving around the house or help meeting up with your friends or family members, transportation assistance can help you with moving around wherever you need to go.

Basic First Aid 

An emergency occurrence is always a risk in a household, so help with basic first aid may come in really handy.

Does NDIS fund personal care?

Yes! As with most NDIS services, personal care is funded by the NDIS too. It is only important that the service is needed and reasonable. You also need to be eligible for the NDIS You can check whether you’re eligible for NDIS by clicking here. You can also contact your NDIS service providers, or even talk to your doctor for more details. You can also check the official NDIS website and contact them.

How much can an NDIS service provider charge for personal care?

The price obviously differs from service to service and the amount of time the individual might need throughout the day.  Normally on a weekday, the cost doesn’t get higher than 50$, on weekends it ranges from 66$ to 85$. The cost also gets higher on holidays and special days, the price can go up to 105$ per hour. You should talk with your service provider for more information.

NDIS personal service care provider Sydney

Our registered NDIS personal care providers can help you in your household. That is why our hardworking personal care providers will try to give you the best service possible. You can learn more by getting in touch with our ADACare – Australian Disability and Aged Care Support Services.

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