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What Is It About Digital Nomads?

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At resources for digital nomads, you will learn more about digital nomads. In general, it is mobility combined with other technologies such as a host of collaboration, internet, and productivity-boosting tools, which are things that enable a whole new breed of professionals.

Who Are Digital Nomads?

To put it in simple terms, a digital nomad refers to any professional who:

  • Makes a living out of applying skill sets in a work sphere that is digital.
  • Eliminates the usage of conventional workspace settings by technology, leveraging, especially telecommunication, internet, and social media to get location independence.
  • Maintains a lifestyle that is highly migrant, that involves traveling habit and not having to settle down anywhere for a stretch of time that is extended, which in most instances, is a few months

Why Do They Choose A Nomadic Life?

When one decides to choose a nomadic digital life, there is a certain lifestyle that you will have to commit to. There are various reasons that in most instances, influence the millennials to decide to opt-out of the 9 to 5 working life. The reasons include:

  • Being Dissatisfied With The 9 Am To 5 Pm Routine Of Working
  • Wanderlust: When you lack a sense of excitement and accomplishment in your routine job and standard of living, it might drive you to a nomadic digital life. Especially if you live in metropolitans, looking for a way to escape from the usual masses of people and the jungles of superstructures surrounding you, then this is the only way out.
  • Priorities: The need or want to adventure which might be attributed to a departure from a mindset that is materialistic and exploring territories which are unchartered like having to experiment, which at the moment, are gaining momentum in modern society.
    • Why the need to purchase a house when you can rent, a cool house at the beach?
    • Why should you cook when you can order for a door to door delivery which is just a click away?
    • Why buy a car when you can utilize Uber?
    • Why should you commit when you have other options?
  • Remote work: The option to work remotely has been made possible with improvements in technology and a community that is growing of people who are looking for careers that are location independent in the long run. This allows you to have the freedom to plan your day to day work as you choose which is a responsibility as well as liberty.

What Are The Pre-Requisites For Nomads?

  • Internet connectivity which is fast and uninterrupted: If you ask any freelancer or a digital nomad, happiness for working comes with the speed of the broadband connection in the Mbps.
  • Quality and affordability co-working, accommodation/ co-living spaces: When there is quality and cheap living accommodation is a factor which is important and which has to be taken into consideration. As a nomad, you have options of:
    • Dorms/youth hostels
    • Shacks
    • Couchsurfing
    • Co-working spaces
    • Co-living spaces

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