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What is Ghost Hunting: 5 Things To Know Before You Start

Ghost Hunting


  • Late at night, do you notice unusual crackling or rattling noises in your home?
  • Have you ever had any strange occurrences?
  • Do you feel you are being followed when you go to the washroom at night?

If you get spooky feelings such as these, you may be interested in paranormal activities.

As Stephen King once said, ‘The muses are ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited,’ we think it might be time to learn a few basic ghost hunting techniques.

You’ll be ready to investigate and document evidence of a ghostly visitor the next time you hear or see something strange.

What is Ghost Hunting?

The process of exploring areas said to be haunted by ghosts is known as ghost hunting or paranormal inquiry.

The majority of ghost hunters attempt to gather evidence of paranormal activity by snapping photographs or employing equipment that can detect the presence of spirits.

Ghost hunting can be a risky pastime if you are not adequately prepared.

To prevent getting in trouble on your first ghost hunt, you must learn all about it and follow a few steps along the way.

5 Things To Know About Ghost Hunting Before You Start

There are ample things about ghost hunting that you should know. But, we will tell you some of the fundamental things without which you cannot start the ghost hunting journey.

Let’s take a look:

1. Never Go Alone

When you go ghost hunting, always have a friend or two with you.

They can assist you in the event that something goes wrong and provide another set of eyes and ears to confirm suspected manifestations.

Ghost hunters joke that real humans are the ones who terrify them, not the ghosts.

However, entering abandoned locations with security alarms in place or operating as encampments for individuals should still be avoided.

2. Prepare Carefully

Investigate the purported hauntings and the beings responsible.

Certain entities have the power to drain completely charged electronics, so make sure your equipment is fully charged and bring additional batteries with you. Also, double-check your camera settings so you don’t have to fiddle with them throughout your ghost quest.

Wear your most comfortable walking shoes and a thick jacket to keep warm. Tie your hair back and consider putting on a headlight to help you navigate.

3. Talk To The Spirits

Introduce yourself to the spirits, assure them that you mean no harm, and request permission to photograph them. Inviting the spirits to appear in your photographs is a good idea. Thank them if they react.

Describe the tools you’re working with. A simple explanation can help spirits feel more at ease. For example, ghosts from 100 years ago won’t recognize things like a night vision camera for ghost hunting, so a simple explanation can help them feel more at ease.

Thank them for having you and urge them not to follow you when you go.

4. Say A Prayer 

If you come across a real ghost, you may require some extra assistance to get through. It never hurts to say a prayer for protection and direction.

You can also meditate or simply send out some happy thoughts to the cosmos before you travel, depending on your religious views. Then, say another prayer before leaving the haunted location. Thank the spirits and pray that nothing or no one follows you back to your home.

You can also perform a fast cleansing ritual to ensure that nothing paranormal sticks to any of your party members by burning sage.

5. Check The Location During The Day

You must get a feel for the region by visiting the spot you wish to research throughout the day. Make sure you are aware of the haunting hotspots.

In addition, keep an eye out for any potential trouble spots during your ghost expedition. Consider making a map that includes possible risks and adjacent pathways and roadways.

You can touch things like walls and tombstones, but you can’t move them or change their position. Interfering with the scene is not only rude, but it can also get you in trouble with the spirit realm.

Are You Ready To Encounter Paranormal?

Ghost hunting is not everyone’s cup of tea. You can learn all about it in the books, YouTube videos, or blogs, but there won’t be room for even a tiny mistake when it comes to really do it. So, you must follow these steps before you get started on ghost hunting to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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