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What Is Defined As A Good Internet Speed?

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When it comes to internet services, having top-notch speed is everyone’s desire. Whether you’re surfing, playing games, or even working from home, if your internet speed isn’t high enough, then there’s no point in having an internet connection.

But what defines good internet speed? We’re here to find this out. Illustrating various instances, we’ll be showing what speed each task requires so that one can pick the best connection. Plus, we’ll illustrate how you can increase your internet speed through some home hacks. 

But first, you must get your hands on a reliable internet connection. Only then you’ll be able to experience good speed while calibrating it according to your needs in the future. For high-speed internet, we recommend that you go for ATT Internet services since AT&T provides competent services that one can rely on.

Now that you’ll surely shift to a reliable internet provider, it’s time to check out some good figures for various task-related internet speeds.  So, without further ado, let’s get started:

Good Internet Speed for Surfing

The most common task that everyone performs is surfing. From scrolling through our social media profiles to reading various comments to a Marvel fan theory, surfing can take a lot of time as well as consume speed and data.

However, a good internet connection with 4-6 Mbps downloads speed is good enough to give ample performance for surfing. You’ll be surprised that such a connection will provide a seamless surfing experience for multiple users without any ongoing downloading.

Good Internet Speed for Gaming

There’s no limit to having high-speed internet for gaming. The better the figure, the better the experience since gaming lag-free is highly dependent on your internet speed. If that’s not up to par, then there’s no point in gaming at all.

Given this situation, a good internet connection that can suit a pro-level gaming experience offers at least 25 Mbps download. Although mid-range gaming would require only up to 10 Mbps most, still, most gamers don’t recommend anything under 20 Mbps as it’s prone to lags.

Pro-level gaming including gaming tournaments often goes above 100 Mbps or more since they have to calibrate numerous factors such as live streaming, managing online betting sites, etc. On the other hand, if you’re streaming live with your gameplay you’ll need something close or above to the figure mentioned.

Good Internet Speed for Streaming

By streaming here, we’re mentioning streaming content online from your device such as gameplay. Most gamers have turned into streamers, leading to a large number of users migrating to streaming platforms such as Twitch.

As a result, every user began streaming their gameplay in the same way as a YouTube channel. However, it’s not easy to stream your gameplay live while playing a game. The reason is instability in the internet connection that can happen while streaming and playing games simultaneously.

That is why you need a solid internet connection so that you can carry out both tasks easily. Though the requirements differ based on various factors such as gaming type, the platform being streamed on, the performance of the device to carry out such tasks, etc.

As per recommendations, a good internet speed of at least 6 Mbps, which can go to 10 Mbps or more, is recommended for this purpose. It’ll give you an effective base for carrying out the processes. In case you feel something is lagging in terms of performance, you can increase your connection speed later.

Good Internet Speed for High-End Tasks

High-end tasks such as migrating server information, uploading files on the drive, carrying out a video conference, migrating databases, running configuration on interlinked devices, etc. require a stable internet connection.

The moment any lag or disruption occurs, these processes are bound to fail. However, the risk is higher as it can result in data loss, data redundancy, data corruption, or all of these. That is why one needs a solid internet connection with the highest rate of consistency and a backup connection that the device can be shifted on to in case of disruption.

There’s no definite speed to what these processes will be needing. The idea can be taken from the fact that migration of data can take time from 30 minutes to years based on volume, location of the source and destination servers, mode of transfer, etc.

How to Improve Internet Speed At Home?

Now that we know what is defined as a good internet speed for various tasks, it’s time to look at some ways you can increase your internet speed at home.

Clear Browser Cache and Unnecessary Tabs

The best way to enjoy high-speed internet on your browser is by closing unused tabs and clearing the cache. Tabs and cache keep using the internet because they’re in the ‘ready to reload’ position. In this manner, when accessed, these run tasks that are quickly reloaded to their last accessed position.

This makes accessing them faster than usual; however, it comes at an expense of losing your internet speed. If you close your tabs and clear your cache, you’ll experience a faster internet speed as well as a faster browser experience since this process also releases the memory being held for these processes.

Close Background Tasks

In addition to your browser, ensure that you shut down applications and don’t let them run in the background. Running them in the background is the same as running tabs in your browser. Ultimately, it uses memory space and internet speed, slowing the entire experience.

Restart and Configure Your Gateway

In case you’ve applied the above fixes, restart your gateway. Restarting your gateway resets the connection between it and your provider, giving a good speed boost. In addition, you can also configure your gateway and dedicate a chunk of your internet speed to a single device. That way you can enjoy seamless speed even while sharing your connection with other users.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know what is defined as a good internet speed for various tasks, it’s time to apply our given fixes to achieve it. In case of any issue, you can contact your provider and get things sorted with assistance from its customer service.

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