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What Is Coronavirus and How To Treat It

Coronavirus, fatalities in China, vitamin deficiencies, healthy diet, COVID-19

Recently the outbreak of the Coronavirus has had many people concerned. This virus is extremely contagious, and it is spreading insanely fast. According to the numbers, more than 76,700 people have been affected by the virus all over the world, and the number of deaths has reached about 2,240.

Though the majority of the cases and the fatalities did happen in China, no one in the world is safe. Cases of the virus have even been confirmed in the UK and US as well.

Therefore, today we are going to share a comprehensive guide about the Coronavirus and its treatment and prevention methods. Read the rest of the post to increase awareness and understanding of this severe virus.

What is Coronavirus?

Though it is commonly known as the Coronavirus, the actual name of this disease is COVID-19. To be more accurate, COVID-19 actually belongs to the coronavirus family, and it is a new mutation that has never been encountered before.

Like other forms of Coronavirus, COVID-19 also comes from animals. The virus started from the Chinese city of Wuhan, and the people who are affected the most are those who worked at or frequently visited the Huanan seafood market.

This market is located at the centre of the city, and as the virus is contagious, it spread rapidly, first effecting the city and then making its way all over china. Numerous cases have been confirmed in other countries as well.

What are the Symptoms?

COVID-19 is a very new mutation in the Coronavirus family, and doctors and medical experts are learning new things every day. So far, doctors are suggesting that at least in the initial stages of the infection, COVID-19 may not show any kind of symptoms.

Now, this fact is quite scary, because there is no reliable way to identify whether a person is infected by the Coronavirus if they are in the asymptomatic stage. Doctors have also confirmed that even though a person may be asymptomatic, they can still transfer the virus to another person.

An infected person can carry the virus for up to 14 days and infect others as well. The symptoms may start to appear later if a person is infected. These symptoms are quite similar to normal flu, but they are usually more intense.

Some of the identified symptoms of COVID-19 are as follows:

  • Feeling fatigued and shortness of breath
  • Coughing that gets more and more severe over time
  • A constant fever that starts low and increases gradually in temperature

Though these are some of the easily identifiable symptoms, because of the freshness of this outbreak, scientists and doctors are still working to identify the complete range of symptoms.

How can you treat or prevent Coronavirus?

There is still a lot of ambiguity about the treatment of COVID-19. Though the symptoms may be similar to pneumonia, the antibiotics used for treatment don’t have any effect because of the viral nature of the outbreak. Hence the antiviral drugs that are available don’t have any positive effects on the patients.

Coronavirus, fatalities in China, vitamin deficiencies, healthy diet, COVID-19

For now, doctors and experts are working on creating a vaccine, and vaccine labels so until that is done, the only solution is the prevention of the disease and strengthing of your immune system. The numbers are showing that a significant percentage of the fatalities happened for people who were old, or already week, whereas people with stronger immune systems can survive the disease and the fatality rates in your people are quite low.

Therefore, you need to take some safety precautions and try to strengthen your immune system. Here are some easy ways in which you can boost your immune system

  • Ensure a healthy diet
  • Try using cannabis to boost your immune system, check out
  • Follow a healthy sleep cycle
  • Avoid vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin D which can only be gained through sunlight

To sum it all up, COVID-19, or as it is commonly known coronavirus is a serious and scary problem, however, if you have the right amount of awareness about the symptoms and prevention of the viral infection, you can ensure your safety.

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