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What Is Aloe Vera Extract Used For?

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Aloe vera extract is a liquid concentrate obtained by extracting the juice of plant leaves. Liquid has a green or brown color, clearly expressed plant adores. It is full of natural and useful compounds in high saturated density. A means contains amino, salicylic acids, microelements, vitamins of group A, B, C, E, and such minerals as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium. Due to all components, this product is extremely beneficial for our health. This remedy is already widespread enough, therefore fast every pharmacy in Australia offers it.

Areas of use of a means

Herbal extracts acquire active exploitation in cosmetology and medicine. They have both external and internal applications. Pharmacists add these extractives to various preparations including:

Serums and lotions. An extract rejuvenates the skin making it supple and elastic. It penetrates the tissues and nourishes four times faster than water, softens them, and prevents dehydration. A means is suitable even for dry and sensitive skin because this product moistens it.

Anti-inflammatory creams. Natural components help to heal wounds, bruises and burns owing to disinfecting and antimicrobial effects. They also protect from ultraviolet rays, relieves swelling and soothes problem skin.

Tonics, nourishing masks and shampoos. Aloe vera tones and improves the color of the skin, creates the effect of matte and saturates it with vitamins and nutrients, saves from hair receding and restrains the appearance of dandruff.

It is worth mentioning the influence of aloe vera extract on the internal organs of a person in addition to the above benefits. No less important facts are that it:

  • cleanses the intestines of bacteria and parasites, improves digestion and microflora, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice in the right quantities. A concentrate adjusts work of an organism with constipation and diarrhea, supports fat and carbon metabolism;
  • fights fungal and virus infections. This product prevents an increase in the number of pathogenic microorganisms, suppresses their activities. Aloe vera helps even with a cold when added to nasal drops;
  • treats cataracts, psoriasis, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. In addition to general disinfection, tissue regeneration and elimination of itching occur;
  • controls normal glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood;
  • overcomes herpes. Vitamin C and amino acids destroy the source of infection. Skin restores collagen production due to antioxidants;
  • improves immunity because of the content of minerals and polysaccharides.


Like almost any product, aloe has strong properties, therefore people should use it carefully. It is undesirable to exploit those who have individual intolerance of a product, exacerbated diseases of the abdominal cavity, or are pregnant.

Improper use of the tool can complicate the symptoms leading to negative consequences. So, first, it is necessary to test the extract for an allergic reaction on a small area of skin.

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