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What is Advanced Braking System

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Advanced braking systems, also known as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are the braking systems that help prevent your wheel from locking up, whether it is a motorcycle or a car. They also help improve steering control when braking, as well as traction control.

There are four main components of an advanced braking system;

Speed sensors, which monitor the speed the wheels are rotating, valves that allow, block, and release pressure on the brakes, pumps filled with hydraulic fluid which also apply pressure to the calipers on-demand, and controller used to determine whether or not to pump the brakes, by collecting data from the sensors, also called Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

How it Works

So how do anti-lock braking systems work?

They release and then pump the brakes to the wheels of the motorcycle or the car, in a heavy braking situation. Sensors detect locking (when a wheel stops moving), and ABS instantly pumps the brake to stop the wheels from skidding, bringing the driver back to control. While not all ABS work the same and some prevent only the rear wheels from locking up.

Benefits of Anti-lock Brakes

There are many advantages of anti-lock brake systems and they now come standard in most vehicles. Here are some of the benefits;

Keep (the driver) you in Control

The primary benefit of ABS is to make sure that the driver stays in control. More often than not, vehicles, or even motorcycles, tend to act up, especially on ice, and the wheels lock up and start skidding. In cases like these, ABS comes in handy to help you get back in control. You can always check out advanced braking technology for your barking needs.

Increase Stopping Power

The system is built to help increase stopping power even in tricky situations. They decrease the chances of your wheels locking up or skidding, especially where the ground is slippery. Keeping drivers in control even in dangerous situations is no cap life-saving.

Reducing your Insurance Cost

The system is tested for safety and has been proven to work effectively and reduce the risks of accidents. Because of this reason, most vehicle insurance companies most often give their customers with ABS discounts.

Increase Resale Value

Having this feature on your vehicle raises the market value, especially nowadays where most modern cars and tracks come with ABS technology and are almost a necessity. Not having the system may just lower the price of your car.

Traction Control

Because advanced braking technology shares some traction infrastructure control systems, it helps ensure that the wheels have traction on the road.

How Much Does it Cost to Install Anti-Lock Brakes?

Installing anti-lock brakes is not a cheap investment. But with crazy traffic, reckless drivers on the reader, weather changes, and all the craziness drivers encounter on the road on a daily basis, the benefits beat the price. Especially the fact that the system helps the driver stay in control is one of the best reasons to install ABS.

Besides, most new cars nowadays come with a standard ABS. But you can always change, repair, and replace if your brakes get damaged or if need be. Some factors that contribute to the price of installing, repairing, or replacing ABS include the make, model, and year of the vehicle.

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